Tomato Gage Christmas Trees

Turn tomato cage upside down
Bend and tie the “feet” together about 1 ½ inches from the top making the Christmas treetop. I used bread ties.
I used whatever I had around the house: green plasticpine garland, and wrapped it around and in between the wire... I used old Christmas tree branches and justpushed them into the spaces and bent them around the wire tomato cage. You can use any mixed pine garland to wrapthe cage. Just wrap it around and inbetween every so often to keep from blowing apart. I have high winds off the lake to dealwith. I topped it off with a branch andused more bread ties to make sure it was in between the pointed ends that arenow the top of the tree. Add lights andplastic ornaments any way you like and you are good to go.
I used a patio brick across the bottom to hold it downmaking sure the brick was across two parts of the rim.

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  • Dottie Dottie on Sep 29, 2014
    I think I used 50 feet. I don't know for sure as I really just thru it together to use up the stuff I had. I stuffed old Christmas tree branches and wired some around the cage. I am thinking of doing another and actually talked about it yesterday. Like tour idea of white. Have you tried Joann's for garland? If you use old Xmas tress, use " snow" to make them white. Good luck. Keep me posted. I put the garland around the wire and the tree branches between the wires.
  • Vicki Nicklas Oliver Vicki Nicklas Oliver on Feb 06, 2018
    I would love to purchase this beautiful tree.