Upcycle Old Boxes Into Christmas Decor!

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I used a hymnal, I got from a church rummage sale for a quarter, to transform an old box into beautiful Christmas decor I use year after year!

We all come across those sturdy cardboard jewelry boxes. I always save mine for Christmas because I love this simple trick to transform them into part of my Christmas decor.

This year, I have one that came with an inexpensive necklace I picked up earlier this year. They also sell plain boxes at the Dollar Store. Sometimes you can get 3 in a pack for $1!

I use an old hymnal I got from a Church rummage sale 10 years ago for a quarter, but you can download and print sheet music online, or use your own wrapping paper if you prefer something different! I try to use the Christmas Carol's for these boxes if I can but I think all sheet music seems festive!

Brush the modge podge onto the box.

Start applying the sheet music. Cut away any excess that will make it bulky in the corners.

Once wrapped completely, apply a thorough coat of modge podge to the top.

Set aside and let dry. Try to smooth out any bubbles that pop up!

Once dry, it is time to add some bling. I used some raffia, faux greenery and small ornaments to add a little pizazz to mine!

I made a bow from the raffia. Raffia is one of my favorite things to use at Christmas! It is super cheap, goes a long way, and adds so much natural texture!

I used more raffia to tie on the mini ornaments and the faux greenery.

I use mine to dress up my tables. So pretty and inexpensive! You could use these as gift boxes as well if you want!

Suggested materials:

  • Box   (Dollar Store)
  • Short music   (Rummage sale)
  • Raffia   (Wal-Mart)
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