Wooden Winter Holiday Sign

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I love to DIY my own home decor, and when I can do it for free it’s even better! We recently purchased a new dishwasher and in the packaging were four pieces of really nice wood. I knew that I could turn them into something instead of throwing them away. I decided to join the four pieces of wood together and get creative with a little painting and gluing. The end result was a beautiful sign, that in my opinion looks like it cost a lot more than it did!

If you have a piece of wood that is wide enough already you can skip this portion and move on to the painting step.

If you are like me, and using what you got simply put a bead of wood glue on the one side of the board and use a staple gun to hold the pieces of wood together until the glue has dried.

I added several staples to each board to ensure they stayed securely in place as the glue dried.

This is what the backside looks like. Not the prettiest, but we are using scrap wood and going for that “rustic” look! In the end no one will ever see the back and once the glue dried the sign was extremely sturdy!

Next you want to paint or stain the wood. I opted for a combination by using some very watered down paint and then dry brushing on a small amount of white to give it a distressed look. Once that is dry place the stencils on the wood and secure them with some painters tape to hold them in place as you paint on the letters.

To paint on the letters I used an old sponge and very gently dabbed on the paint. I used a little bit of paint at a time and did several passes, rather than globing all the paint on. Again I am going for a rather rustic look so I wanted my paint to look a bit faded.

You could sponge paint all of the letters, but I wanted to add a little something special to my wood sign. I decided to make the “o” using some faux cranberries I had cut off from an old wreath. To do this I simply traced a circle on my sign and hot glued the cranberries on using the circle as my guide.

I liked the sign as it was, but to make it look a little more high end I decided to frame it out with some other pieces of scrap wood I had. I cut them to size, gave them a quick coat of stain and simply nailed them onto the sign.

And there you have it! A beautiful sign and I didn’t even have to spend a penny.

Most of the decor on these shelves are items that I have made myself. I love making my own home decor and I am a huge believer in not spending a lot of money to decorate my home and repurposing as much as I can.

I love the pop of red that the cranberries give and I think they add the perfect festive touch to my sign.

Suggested materials:

  • Scrap wood
  • Glue gun   (Amazon)
  • Glue sticks   (Amazon)
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