DIY-Charcuterie Board/Tray Redesign With Posh Chalk Pigments/Stencil

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DIY-Charcuterie Board/Tray Redesign with Posh Chalk Pigment-Copper, Posh Chalk Stencil Raining In Paris, Paint Couture Van Dyke Glaze and Sheer Bliss.

This charcuterie board redesign was super easy to create with basic supplies! I'm loving the shabby and chic look of this piece!

Started with a blank canvas is my favorite redesign! I found these 18" wood rounds at Lowes for $10, they are the perfect size for creating a tray.

Supplies for this project:

round or rectangular piece of wood 1/4-1/2" thick

Sanding Block with 220 grit on one side

Stain or Glaze of your choice

brush-paint brush or foam brush

Glove if you don't want stain on your skin

Stencil-your choice on design

Paint or pigments for stenciling

Topcoat of your choice-most polyacrylic topcoats are food-safe once fully cured.

hardware for the handles

The wood rounds are raw wood and have a bit of raised grain, I do a light sand with a 220 grit to prep the surface for the glaze.

I am in love with the Paint Couture Glazes! I have always been a huge fan of stains, but my all-time favorite for staining wood has become the Paint Couture Van Dyke Glaze. Its ease of use, it is water-based and safe to use in any environment with amazing coverage but still allowing the beauty of the grain to show through.

Applying glaze is as easy as painting, you have full control over the coverage.

After I brush on a section of the glaze, I then use a lint-free cloth to wipe off the excess, using the same technique as you would if staining.

I love Paint Couture Sheer Bliss, when working with the Paint Couture Metallics make sure to stir them well.

Check out all this shimmery goodness! icon

I mixed Paint Couture Sheer Bliss with Posh Pigments in copper and this amazing rose gold color appeared. icon If you mix the posh pigments with a regular clear topcoat the color of the pigments will remain true to color.

I am using the Posh Chalk Stencil Raining In Paris, I use a spray adhesive to keep the stencil in place while I use a pouncing motion to apply the posh pigments.

Look at all this shimmery goodness icon I am loving the rose gold look that the posh pigment copper and Paint Couture sheer bliss created! icon

Hardware is one of my favorite things in this world. I LOVE hardware. I gave this hardware a bit of a redesign using the same posh pigments that I used for the stencil.

Applying Paint Couture Sheer Bliss topcoat. Don't let the white fool you, it will dry clear shimmery goodness.

Time to add the hardware! I love using this type of pull to my charcuterie boards. They pair very well together. I prefer the hardware that doesn't require you to drill holes, I'm lazy like that icon

To finish this off, I apply four coats of Paint Couture Dead Flat for that added layer of protection.

You can create this beautiful board/tray in less than an hour, minus dry times. This is a fun way to add some bling to your home without it being over the top! I hope you enjoyed this blog. You can follow me on all social media pages at Redesign by Renee Co

Suggested materials:

  • Paint Couture Sheer Bliss   (
  • 18" Wood round   (
  • Posh Pigments-Copper   (
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