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So I’ve been going to spin classes 3 days a week, and I get so sore! So I’ve been taking a lot of epsom salt baths lately to help with the sore muscles. But there is no where to rest a book, or tablet or set a nice glass of ice water while I soak, so I decided to remedy this problem! Nothing is worse than knocking your ice water into your warm bath!

I got this wood as a wedding present from my Aunt Angie, she knows I’m crafty and would love these! Her Husband burned them with some components from an old microwave? I think.... it sounded super hazardous so I’m glad they took care of this part for me! Isn’t it so unique! No two pieces are alike! It’s been sitting in the corner of my bedroom begging for the perfect project and this was it!

Grab a few handles! I love these, they come from Home Depot are are under $2 each, I use them on a lot of my projects!

Figure out your arrangement and cut! I needed it to be 38” long to fit across my garden tub!

Cut the connectors. My try is 10.5” wide so I cute the cross pieces 9.5 so it sat in some from the edges.

I love cheater blocks. This helps line it up on the ends evenly, just line it up with the ends of the boards. I attached them with 1” screws.

Seal with matte polyurethane,Attach hardware once dry, take inside and enjoy!

I am obsessed with this easy build! I may fill the burn lines with resin, I haven’t decided yet, but this does the trick for now!

Suggested materials:

  • Wood   (Gift)
  • Screws   (Home Depot)
  • Handles (cabinet pulls)   (Home depot)
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