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I decided to make a busy board for a friend's toddler I'm not going to lie while it was very simple to make it ended up being a little more expensive than I thought. I had a bunch of ideas of what I wanted on it and I also wanted to make it look cute. I quickly realized that I basically had nothing on hand other than the plywood, paint and tools to use... either way it was worth doing. See how it goes

I had some leftover plywood from a previous project. It was actually the perfect size for this project so I started painting it with some pink paint I had on hand.

I purchased several items for this board and I pretty much just screwed or glued all of them on. I got two small wheels, a bicycle bell, a door lock, some wooden beads.

A fidget spinner, some small doors that can be open and closed. A leftover drawer pull with some shower curtains rings on it. A light switch (of course not wired) and also pure some iron on fruit embroidery stickers ( those I didn't iron on but used hot glue to secure)

Here are the little doors I used. I also had a zipper on hand that I stapled to the board.

Here is the final result! Hopefully this will keep her busy for a couple of minutes

These boards are quite expensive online and now I know why 🤣

It's tedious work and every single thing costs money...from the hinges to the screws. Oh well I probably won't quit my day job to create busy boards but it was a fun project.

Suggested materials:

  • Plywood board   (Home depot)
  • Paint   (Amazon)
  • Fidget spinner   (Amazon)
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