A First Timer's Try at an Etched Mirror

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1 Hour

When I found this mirror at Goodwill I figured it was time to try my hand at etching.

I couldn't find any etching cream at the craft stores I frequent, so I bought this bottle on Amazon. I did a dry run on an empty glass bottle, to see how it really worked. I learned you should wear gloves, use a brush that allows the cream to really stay put once applied, and be careful! (They also say to have good ventilation but I didn't find an issue with that).

PARENT ALERT: though simple, due to the content of the etching cream, this is not a project for kids!

I laid out my transfer over the mirror trying to make my letters spaced evenly. I applied blue painters tape where there were gaps.

After applying tee cream liberally...

...the directions said to wait 1-3 minutes. I waited for closer to 4 minutes.

The tough part was getting the transfer off, without getting the etching cream everywhere (BE CAREFUL!) Make sure to wash your paint brush well (or throw it away).

When I made the first practice jar, all I did was run the jar under water until the cream came off, then I removed the transfer.

I didn't really think about how it would work with this project, since I couldn't dunk the whole mirror under water. So I wiped off the cream with my gloved hand, removed the letters, washed down each letter one at a time, and then did some more clean-up.

I have to say, the mirror gave a much better etched outcome than the glass jar, but I was didn't do as good of a job with the painters tape as I thought I had. I have a few etched streaks I'm not fond of, but here's the learning: prep work is critical!

Suggested materials:

  • Etching Cream   (Amazon)
  • Mirror   (Goodwill)

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