DIY Cowboot Inspired Framed Mirror

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Every morning before work, I always make sure my outfit is alright before I step out the door, so it's important that I have a full body mirror. I have been staring a dated gold edge dated mirror for years, so I decided to make a change to something that I will love.
cutting the wood
Pick out the wood from Lowes and have their employee cut it . Make sure to calculate the exact measurement before cutting.

(I don't have a saw, so it's easier to have them do it)
Lay it out
After all materials are cut, frame and wood the board (for the back). Lay them out to make sure they fit perfectly before gluing/nailing them together. Mark the corner where the mirror sits. This step is important! Don't regret that you didn't do it. :)
Insert the clear silicone into caulk gun and spread it on the back of the thin wood board only for where the mirror should glue, don't use liquid nail to glue the mirror part, lay the mirror on top the silicone spread, and adjust it to fit in the corners marked earlier.
Then spread the liquid nail on the side and glue the wood frames, make sure the fit is tight next to the mirror, then put weight on top of the wood frame in the 4 corners, and middle, so the wood will stick on the back board evenly.  Wait for it to dry overnight.

Sand the woods before painting; use very fine sand paper to get a smooth surface.
I'd like my mirror look in my style, and I found that my boots have the color combination that I am looking for, so I decided to go with this vintage chic look. Paint it brown and teal color with stencil so it look feminine and elegant.
Tada... Here is the result!! 
I love how it came out! It's bit of work, but it's totally worth it. NO ONE owns a mirror like mine LOL.

Suggested materials:

  • Wood   (Lowes)
  • Liquid nail   (Lowes)
  • Frameless Mirrior   (Lowes)
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