Dollar Store Pottery Barn Inspired Panel Mirror DIY

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30 Minutes
I created this lovely Pottery Barn inspired mirror using some mirrors and supplies from the dollar store and rope. I think the rope gives the mirror a nautical touch which I absolutely love! This mirror was very simple to make and its been hanging on my wall for 2 years with no issues!

I used 9 mirrors, duct tape, scissors, hot glue and rope.

Flip the mirrors over to prepare for the tape

I flipped all of the mirrors over and lined them up in my desired pattern.
I began by putting a strip of duct tape along the seam going down.

Then, I added duct tape to the seam going across.

The X pattern will strengthen the seams

Then I added duct tape in an X-Pattern through the intersection of each set of mirrors. I hang the mirror on the wall using the tabs that were already on the back of the mirrors across the top(3). Since there is no backing, although the mirror is strong it can not stand, it must be hung on the wall.

Once I hung the mirror on the wall, I hot glued the rope in all of the seams and around the edges.

I love the finished look and that has been hanging on the wall for 2 years with no issues!

Here's close up of the mirror on my wall and it only cost $9 plus the tape and rope which I already had.

Suggested materials:

  • 11X14 framed mirrors   (Dollar Tree)
  • Rope   (Lowes)
  • Duct tape   (Dollar Tree)
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