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I need to brighten up my inside (house)! What better than to add to my collection of suns, stars, and moons!
I used chopsticks, toothpicks, paint, a mirror, cork board and hot glue to make a new sunburst for my staircase wall !
I started with fire orange on the end of the chopsticks that would be closest to the mirror then to a bright orange in the middle of the sticks and if I had had a yellow color spray paint I would have sprayed the other ends with it but I didn't have that color in spray paint so I used some acrylic colors to finish.
Chopsticks are painted!
These are little skewers (toothpicks). I painted them in dark reds by blending the colors above so they would have an ombre' effect. I did the same with the chopsticks.
You can see the colors blended together here. I also cut down some of the chopsticks by scoring the wood with a box cutter. If you do this part PLEASE BE CAREFUL with the razor or knife that you use!!! Chopsticks are made from bamboo wood (usually) and will splinter if you try just to break them so by scoring the wood with a sharp knife you will be able to snap off the part you don't want! I used needle nose pliers for this part too. Hold the pliers just a bit above the scoring mark to break the sticks and snap!
I used corkboard for the backing and to raise the mirror up to be level with the sticks. I cut one piece for the backing (pictured above) about half an inch bigger than the other piece that I cut to size to fit the mirror. Scissors work great for this part. I used hot glue on the cork pieces and mirror to glue together.
The apricot yellow is the color I used on the ends of the chopsticks.
I hot glued all the sticks to the corkboard rim around the mirror and finished!!! This took a couple of hours to make but really only because of the paint drying time !
I will be adding the sunburst to this wall.
Along with all of the other ones I've made! I have 2 more moons I will add to the wall too. I will use little 3M velcro strips to hang some these, they are all very light in weight and I see no need to put more holes in my walls !
All finished and I just love my new Sunburst mirror!!
This was free for me to make because I already had all the materials on hand! You can get all of this material from Amazon and most of it from Walmart. Nothing expensive or hard about this project!!
I love all comments and questions!!
Thanks for looking and HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!!!

Suggested materials:

  • Chopsticks and toothpicks   (on hand)
  • Paint   (on hand)
  • Corkboard   (on hand)
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  • Mary Ann Goldberg Mary Ann Goldberg on Jan 08, 2018
    I've wanted to make a sunburst for a long time, I just haven't taken the time. I love all yours - thank you for the inspiration!

    • Jennifer Jennifer on Jan 08, 2018
      Thank you Mary Ann! I have more, those were the ones I had posted on hometalk.

  • Cindy Cindy on Jan 15, 2018
    Great job!!!! I have a ton of chopsticks (I bought waaaay too many for a project like this) and with your directions and ideas I will give this a try. I saw a similar project here on hometalk using a clock, which is why I have so many chopsticks, and then the holidays came round, so no crafting for the home. But because you made this look so cool, it may be time to start something soon!! Love your ideas, keep them coming!! If I get this done I will post it here. Have a wonderful New Year!!!

    • See 1 previous
    • Cindy Cindy on Jan 15, 2018
      Looking forward to seeing all your new ideas, they sound terrific! Also you sound like a very busy gal!!!! 🔧🔨🔩😉. Me not so much, as far as projects...other things, yeah. Thanks for the reply, "see" you and the new stuff soon 😀 .