Mirror Makeover

2 Materials
6 Hours

I have been eyeing the anthropology mirror for soo long now, and finally decided to make my own.

Don’t be scared, you won’t be paying this cost for this project, however you will end up with a gorgeous mirror similar to this one.

I searched high and low for a mirror and came across this one here


of coarse after I finished this project I saw a couple at our closets 2nd hand store for a good price 😆

I grabbed some appliqués from hobby lobby, this larger one will be so perfect for the top of the mirror.

And these two smaller ones will be for the bottom sides.

I am using this wood glue and some hot glue. The hot glue will hold it in place while the wood glue has time to dry.

Make sure to line up your appliqués where you will want them and walk away to see if you like the layout.

Once everything is glued and dried I taped off the mirror part and spray painted with a matte primer

Then I used this treasure gold spray paint


Using light even coats, I did two coats of this gold here.

And then two coats of first million gold here


Once everything is dried you can take off the tape and you will have Gorgeous mirror.

what do you think of the finished look?

You can also watch a quick video of how I did it all here on Instagram.


Suggested materials:

  • Mirror   (Target)
  • Paint   (Home Depot)

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