Cheap Large DIY Pillows (with a No Sew Option)

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I wanted some large lumbar pillows but they can get pricey really quickly! Pillows the size I wanted ran about $30 each, which is insane to me. When I stumbled across a cute table cloth, I realized I could make them myself for a fraction of the price. I actually got two large lumbars out of a $15 table cloth, so it was definitely a win.

I have a sewing machine so using it was a no brainer for me, but if you don’t have one or want a “no-sew” option, you can use iron on hem tape for the same result.

What I used:

Table cloth

Sewing machine and/or iron on hem tape

Old throw pillows (for the stuffing)

Step 1: Cut table cloth to size

First you need to cut up the table cloth (scary and painful, I know). I knew I wanted to make two pillows so I simply cut mine in half, but you’ll need to plan it out, depending on the shape and size of the pillows you want.

Step 2: Sew or iron together

Next, lay out your pattern INSIDE OUT and sew it together (or use your iron on hem tape), leaving a small hole, just big enough for your hand to fit inside (shown below).

Sewing the cover together inside out will allow you to hide the ugly seam along the edges, but you need that hole, to flip your pillow cover right side out.

Step 3: Stuff

Once you’ve flipped it right side out, using that same hole, stuff your pillow! I used stuffing from old (ugly) throw pillows that we weren’t using, but you can buy pillow stuffing from any craft store or even online. Make sure to break it up and evenly distribute it throughout the pillow. DIYing pillows is nice because you can decide how firm you want to make them.

Step 4: Close it up

I didn’t trust my hand sewing, and didn’t want to see a seam on the pillow, so I opted to use iron on hem tape to seal up my hole.

Learn how to wash pillows without removable covers.

This project was so simple, and I love that it has a no sew option. I think they came out so cute! And 2 pillows this size for $15 can’t be beat.

Suggested materials:
  • Table cloth   (Hem tape)
  • Sewing machine   (Pillow stuffing)
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