Easy Pillow Covers

2 Materials
20 Minutes

These pillow covers are so easy to make. I call them “envelope pillow covers”. I use my sewing machine but there’s literally only two sections to sew so you could easily do this by hand as well.

I am loving this sunflower fabric. I wish I had bought more☹️

Start by laying your fabric down right side up. I used a 20 by 20 pillow and this is a yard of fabric. You will only use a little over a half yard of fabric for a pillow this size. Don’t line the pillow up right to the edge. Leave about and inch of fabric along the right side.

Fold the top half over your pillow.

Then fold the bottom half over.

Pin the two folded over pieces together without pinning to the pillow.

Slip the pillow out.

Now you need to cut your salvage off the left side. Lay your pillow on top leaving your one inch salvage on the right side. Then mark a cutting line on your left side.

If you press your pillow down you should have an inch of salvage on each side.

This is what your pillow cover should look like at this point. I know it sounds like a lot of instructions but once you do it you realize how easy it is.

Now sew along your two outside edges.

Turn your pillow cover right side out.

There you go!! Just slide your pillow in.

Suggested materials:

  • Fabric   (Joanne fabrics)
  • Pillow   (Walmart)

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