How to Choose & Decorate Throw Pillows

Accent cushions and throw pillows are the easiest and affordable way to bring in color and instant update to a space. But instead of grabbing any pillow out there if you apply some tactics in choosing the right pillow for the space then the decorating part will be a breeze and much put together. Here are some tips you could take with you to shop the next time. How to choose throw pillows: You can choose throw pillows depending on your style and need, look for size, shape, pattern, fabric & color that will tie in or compliments the space.
Choosing the right size: A standard pillow measures 18 inches by 18 inches. If you wish to create contrast and interest vary the size of pillows, Use an 18 inch pillow as base and group it with a 16 inch and a 14 inch pillow.Choose 20 inch and 22 inch pillows that work best for day beds to add a solid support and base for additional throw pillows
Choosing a shape: Or play with different shapes like round and oblong to add visual interest, place an oblong pillow in the center of a sofa/ bed or a round pillow on a side chair.Add patterns and use different motif pillows to add character to the space, for example vintage pillows, animal motif pillows, pillows with fringe or tassels, pillows with hand work or sequins adds instant character and act as accent piece that can tie the space.Choose different fabrics from plush velvets, luxurious silks or everyday cottons depending on your decorating style and need. For example use machine washable fabrics for pillows in high traffic areas or in spaces with kids. Smooth silks are best kept for decorating or seasonal styles.Choosing pillow color is easiest variable, look at the artwork and other accents in the room and decide a common accent color. Don’t stress out for exact color match. Some slight variation adds natural contrast and interest to the room.
How to arrange the pillows:If you wish to create a pillow scape and not follow a particular look, vary the size and pattern of pillows.For an eclectic non traditional look, group accent pillows in sets of odd numbers like three, five or seven in a space.For a traditional symmetrical look, use even number of pillows like two or four which will make the room visually balancedMix and match pillows, pair stripes and plaids together or combine solids and floral designs.TIP: Use a decorative basket or storage ottoman in the room for holding accent pillows when not in use or to toss n while entertaining in the living room. Essential Ethnics offers wide selection of vibrant accent cushion covers to personalize your space and add an ethnic flare. Browse from assortment of Vintage, Kantha work, Mirror work, Silk and Patch work cushion covers. Shop on and enjoy decorating!

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