Mix & Match Christmas Stencils Create Mix & Match Holiday Decor!

My Mix & Match Christmas Stencils have endless possibilities of how you can reuse the stencils. They don't even have to be used for Christmas! Some can just be great for the winter and other stencils have a rustic feel that would be cute all year round.
For this post, I'm going to show you how to use these holiday stencils to create three different decorations while reusing the same stencils just in different ways. For even more Christmas stencil options, visit Royal Design Studio's Christmas Stencil Collection.
Rustic Noel Reindeer Canvas Wall Art


Burlap Canvas 12 x 12

Royal Stencil Cremes: Antique Gold, Renaissance Red, Patina Green

Christmas Stencils: Script Numbers Stencil, Noel Lettering Stencil, Holiday Garland Stencil, Reindeer Christmas Stencil

1" Stencil Brush

Step 1: Stencil the Holiday Garland first in Antique Gold. Each garland half should touch at the bottom to create a wreath effect. Let dry.

Step 2: Place the Reindeer Stencil in the center of the canvas. Stencil over the Holiday Garland Stencil with Renaissance Red. Let dry.

Step 3: Next stencil the cursive side of the Noel Lettering in Patina Green. Let dry.

Step 4: Layer the Script Numbers Stencil over the top of the Reindeer Christmas Stencil where you think it looks best. We added the numbers 25 in Antique Gold, but you could put whatever date or year that holds a special significance to you!
Peaceful Winter Night Throw Pillow


Christmas Stencils: Reindeer Christmas Stencil, Pine Forest Stencil, Falling Stars Stencil, Classic Letter Stencil

1" Stencil Brush

Royal Stencil Cremes: Smoked Oyster, Peacock Fancy, Lime Shine, Antique Gold.

Pillow Stuffing

Pillow Cover

Low Tack Painter's Tape

1" Stencil Brush

Step 1: Flatten out and tape down your pillow cover with Painter's Tape to prevent it from moving.

Step 2: Using the Pine Trees Stencil, stencil rows of trees on either side of where you have planned for the deer to be.

Step 3: Place the Reindeer Christmas Stencil in the center. Apply Antique Gold. Go over any trees already there. Let Dry.

Step 4: With the Peacock Fancy, stencil the Falling Stars Stencil in a random pattern at the top of the pillow cover. Let dry.

Step 5: Use the Classic Letter Stencil to spell out PEACE. Start with the middle letter and work outwards in either direction. Note: We recommend that you use a ruler and chalk to create guidelines for stenciling individual letters.

Step 6: Once thoroughly dry, remove the tape and insert the pillow stuffing. You're done!
Rustic Noel & Holly Berry Wood Slab


Royal Stencil Cremes: Renaissance Red, Pearl Oyster

Christmas Stencils: Holly Berry Christmas Stencil, Noel Lettering Stencil

Natural Wood Craft Round

Low Tack Painter's Tape

1" Stencil Brush

Step 1: Place the Noel Lettering Stencil n the center of the wood slab. Tape off the second half of the stencil. You are only using the first half. Stencil the words with Renaissance Red. Let dry.

Step 2: With low tack painter's tape, tape over the noel wording, leaving room at the top and the bottom for the Holly Berry Stencil.

Step 3: Stencil the Holly Berry Christmas Stencil. Overlap as needed to cover the entire exposed surface in Pearl Oyster.

Step 4: Remove tape and let dry.
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