No Sew Pillow (With Zippers!)

I’ve decided to round off my no sew kick with one of the easiest no sew projects ever- no sew pillows! This is one of the best projects to try if you are wanting to venture into no-sew land. While it took me 30 minutes per pillow, most can do it in a lot less time (darn Type A and making sure everything was perfectly even and matched).
This is pretty straight-forward but if I have left anything out or you don’t understand anything please, please, please let me know and I will try to explain better.
Now, let’s get to it…
What You Will Need
Fabric – For 16 inch pillows, you will need 1/2 yard per pillow. For 18 inch pillows, you will need 3/4 yard per pillow. Note: If you are trying to match a pattern perfectly on both sides you will need to add at least 1/4 yard to each of the previous measurements.
Hem Tape
Zippers – I prefer invisible zippers but they didn’t have the size I need. If you are doing 16 inch pillows, get a 14 inch zipper. If you are doing 18 inch pillows get a 16 inch zipper.
For a complete tutorial that includes helpful tips and over 30 step-by-step photos, visit
Step 1: Decide where you want your pattern to lay.
Step 2: Turn the fabric pack over and press your crease.
Step 3: Cut the fabric along the crease.
Step 4: Lay the cut fabric on top of each other edge to edge. There is more detail on this step at
Step 5: Mark the fabric in three spots. Draw a line connecting the three spots. Cut the fabric along the line. Repeat for top to bottom.
Step 6: Pin all corners together.
Step 7: Fold edges in one inch and press.
Step 8: Place Fabric Tac along the edges of the zipper.
Step 9: Press the fabric onto the zipper. Repeat on other side.
Step 10: Fold the edge/corner of the fabric into a triangle.
Step 11: Place a piece of hem tape behind the triangle (between the corner and the fabric). More on why you should do this at
Step 12: Press the corners.
Step 13: Place hem tape between fabric pieces and press.
That's it!
The final product!
The final product.
Visit to see why this happened.

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