Coffee Filter Pumpkins

Hey, Everybody! In case you haven’t checked out my blog, every Tuesday, I am going to tackle a project that I have pinned and have yet to complete! In an effort to do the beautiful projects that I have been putting off. I know today is Wednesday, but I just had to share my Tackle Me Tuesday from yesterday! :)
I came across these cute little pumpkins on the blog, Me Making Do. Here is their project:
Cute, right?
So let’s dive right in and get started!
I first gathered my materials
Coffee Filters
Hot glue gun
Cinnamon sticks
Orange paint
Orange marker
Rubbing Alcohol
Paint brush
Stapler (not pictured)
** I will let you know now that I didn’t end up really using the orange marker and rubbing alcohol. You will see why soon!
Lay your coffee filter out flat on your work space.
Easy so far…
So, Heather said that she spray painted her coffee filters orange after her pumpkin was put together. I didn’t have any orange spray paint and I am always up for trying something new, so I thought I would try to dye the coffee filters with an orange marker and some rubbing alcohol.
So I colored the coffee filter first, and then I filled a bowl with rubbing alcohol and then submerged the coffee filter in the rubbing alcohol.
I kept about three coffee filters together to see if I could get the ink to run onto the others.
This was kind of a fail.
The coffee filters weren’t vibrant enough. Oh, well. Live and learn.
Onto paint. I hand painted all the coffee filters orange. This was the most time consuming part of the project.
I used a craft acrylic paint in the shade Pure Pumpkin.
I left some of the edges exposed so that I would get a little bit of a rustic, distressed look to my pumpkin.
Once the coffee filters had dried, I could start putting my pumpkins together. I followed the instructions from Heather’s tutorial. It is super easy! You take your coffee filters and bunch them all up and then taking one filter twist and pinch the middle.
Note that I also made a white one, too. White pumpkins are all the rage!
I repeated this process with two more filters and then stapled them all together where they were pinched.
Once I had three stapled together I used my hot glue gun to attach it to my cinnamon stick.
You continue doing this until you have covered your cinnamon stick all the way around, and then also another layer underneath (depending on the length of your cinnamon stick). I used five sets of three coffee filters attached together — same as Heather.
And ta-da!
I am in LOVE with my new pumpkins!
Heather’s tutorial was great and very easy to follow! I am so glad that I found her project! You can see her pumpkins here -
I am going to make a whole bunch more of these for my fall decor.
What do you think? Will you try out this project? If you do, please share your pics with me!
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Holly Grace
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