DIY Fabric Toilet Paper Pumpkins

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Are you guys ready for this one?! I make these every year and they still blow my mind with how easy and cheap they are to make!! Plus did I mention adorable?! Okay, I forgot to tell you what they are. Today we'll be making DIY fabric toilet paper pumpkins. Did I lose you yet? Don't go. Just wait and see, because they are CUTE! And I'm betting you maybe have a few toilet paper rolls laying around that you could spare? At least now you can find toilet paper, ha!


Toilet Paper

Fabrics (Fabric quarters would be perfect for this or a cut up flanel)

Stick (from your yard)

Step One - Wrap + Tuck

So all you're going to do is lay your piece of fabric out. You don't want your fabric piece too large, or you won't have room to put your stick inside. A fabric quarter would be the ideal size for this or possibly even smaller. And a thinner fabric. If I had an extra flannel to spare, I'd have cut that up. But I had some fabric napkins on hand and a few extra pieces of plaid fabric that screamed fall, so I used that.

Place your toilet paper in the very center of your fabric. Then pull up the edges, wrapping your toilet paper roll, and tucking it into the center of the toilet paper roll. Make sure the toilet paper is covered all the way around and all edges of the fabric are tucked inside.

Step Two - The Stick

For the sticks, I literally just walked out into my back yard and collected a variety of sticks that I thought were a good length and width. You can throw back outside what you don't use, so grab a few extra sticks. Then just place these into the center of the toilet paper roll and they will secure the fabric. No glue needed! Then when the season is over, you can simply unwrap you toilet paper pumpkins and reuse your toilet paper rolls!

After - Toilet Paper Pumpkins

How cute are they?! I'm so obsessed! I made a few last year but this year I made even more and I love them so much!! This is so easy and you could even make different sizes by buying smaller rolls such as dollar general toilet paper, and the larger rolls for bigger pumpkins.

I just placed them on my kitchen table for now but as Halloween gets closer I'll make a few more and I'm sure you'll see them sprinkled into my fall decorations here and there!

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