Easy No-Sew Bandana Pumpkin Craft

10 Minutes
No sewing required for this pumpkin with country charm! Grab some bandanas, twine, bean bag fill and a couple of rubber bands, and you can make a whole patch in under an hour.
Make this simple pleated pumpkin craft!
First, find a bandana! Orange is great, but don't overlook other, less-traditional colors. (Idea alert: if the "teal pumpkin project" for kids with food allergies is important at your house, this is actually a great little home craft to make in teal - you can use it again and again each year!)
Lay out the bandana, and pinch the center. Wrap a little bit of fabric with a small rubber band. This will help your bandana to pleat at the bottom, giving it texture all the way up the sides. Add 1 lb. of bean bag fill to the center.
Gather the edges of the bandana up around the fill, and tie them off with a rubber band to secure your work during the next step. About 1-2 inches from the rubber band, cut three corners of the bandana off completely. Take the remaining corner and wrap it over the raw edges of the fabric, and secure it one last time with a final rubber band. this will give you a finished looking top, and a bonus little "leaf" detail.
Cut a length of hemp or jute about 6 feet long, and tie it around the last rubber band you placed. Wrap upward, creating a twine stump. When you get to the top, wrap back downward again. When the two ends of twine meet at the pumpkin base, tie them off in a square knot and cut off any excess. You've got a fun pleated pumpkin!
Instead of bean bag fill, you could use actual dried beans or corn kernels inside (just be cautious if you put it into storage for next year - you don't want to attract any critters with edible filling). If you need more photos or detail of this project, please visit the blog link below. Happy fall! :)

Adrianne Surian
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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