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I went shopping a Hobby Lobby last week for burlap ribbon, what I came home with was something else...
French Inspired Lampshade Covers
I went shopping a Hobby Lobby last week for burlap ribbon, what I came home with was something else...
It's funny how inspiration can hit me. Yes, of course, I was at Hobby Lobby, inspiration central, but it wasn't something I'd seen displayed that caught my eye, it was a bolt of fabric. It wasn't even easy to find, it was layered in with a ton of other cotton prints just waiting to be dug out.
And that's when it hit me...and everything got a little crazy and fuzzy from there.
First I made French Inspired Lampshade Covers for my two lamps that resided on my buffet in the formal dining. You know that one room that only gets used three times a year? Anyway, the lampshades themselves weren't in bad shape, maybe a little dusty and had hot glue stuck to them from a previous redo of beaded ribbons. The beaded ribbons were from a long time ago, you know when that sorta thing was in?
French Inspired Lampshade Covers
It was pretty easy to make the cover, and no sewing was involved. Just my handy-dandy glue gun that had to be purchased because the oldest child stole mine to use for his RC airplane, and it somehow is lost out in the garage in his tool area... It's interesting how a lot of my things have gone missing since he's returned home, very interesting indeed.
Moving on...I created the pattern by rolling the lampshade over a paper bag and tracing the outline. After laying my pattern on the fabric, I then proceeded to cut around it giving myself an extra 1/2 inch to 1 inch to compensate for tucking it up, under and around the lampshade.
I then used my handy-dandy glue gun and ran glue around the top and bottom edges as I used clothes pins to hold it in place. In order to hide the edge, I tucked in under along the seam and called it good.
I could have added bias tape/or a decorative ribbon at the top and bottom to give it a really clean look, but I opted not to at the time. I'd also given myself a pretty good glue burn on the palm of my hand because I wasn't paying attention where the glue had been laid and where my hand was moving, so that was mainly the motive behind that decision. Oh the cost of craftiness. lol
French Inspired Fall Pumpkins
Of course then I couldn't resist the next project with fall quickly approaching, French Inspired Fabric Pumpkins. These little cuties were super easy to make, but did require a sewing machine. I found the idea on Pinterest, and of course ran with it to create my own style.
Happy Fall!

Author Lisa L Wiedmeier
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  • Ah yes, hobby Lobby....where I can spend three hours and not realize Love your lampshades, so cool, and the also the pumpkins !

  • Jessica Serrano-Gregg Jessica Serrano-Gregg on Feb 23, 2017
    Totally understand when your really good crafting tools go missing... there's my husband...whom I make check out any of my craft tools... and then my 18 year old son that just randomly takes and then God only knows what he does with them lol... I have a massive collection of pretty duct tape in a shoe organizer hanging up in my craft room, It's organized by color so one look and I instantly can see it's been assaulted lol.., so once a month I go into his room and round up my stuff... I mean wth was he doing with my rainbow glitter special Duct tape? I don't want to know... but found my good tweezer set for beading? Huh? Does he think these are for plucking his eyebrows? Ughhh... I have my own set of tools and special everything... like twenty pairs of scissors each dedicated for a specific medium and I can look and notice in one second of certain pair is missing lol..then I round up the suspects and inevitably one took them for some reason or another.. I get really upset when my fabric scissors are used to cut paper and all that... so I threatened to start taking their stuff without asking... like using an Xbox game for a drinking coaster... or taking my sons $200 pair of Jordan sneakers that he only wears in doors (seriously, he'll wear another pair of shoes to school then switch them out.. they've never seen pavement lol) and using them to go shovel snow after it's gotten all dirty with salt and sand from the plowing lmfao... so the theft of my stuff quit almost over night! Not one thing has been touched... since that conversation. They now ask kindly for whatever they need! I know I'm not alone.. you don't touch an artist's tools!!! Ever!!! Lol they got the message... and yeah... I can spend hours in hobby lobby and come out with nothing I came for but everything i didn't need just because inspiration struck lol... oh that yarn is so pretty... I'll take that for whatever reason.. I have a small yarn hoarding problem and quite possibly could open a small yarn store... I'm not even going to touch my special paper hoarding... I'm Actually getting concerned for myself!!! Lol

    • Jessica Serrano-Gregg Jessica Serrano-Gregg on Feb 23, 2017
      Oh and your lamps are crazy cute! Is that like a woven linen or burlap? I think I bought the same pattern there too! I just liked it so it's somewhere around here... yeah, I also hoard fabric lol