Repurposed Roof Wind Turbines, Again!

Vicki Rogers
by Vicki Rogers

We came across six industrial size roof wind turbines at a salvage yard priced to sell a few months ago. They have been in our barn all summer, so it was time to get them out and get them turned into pumpkins for fall decorating.

After getting them cleaned, I spray painted them with this metallic paint.

This picture is after all the paint colors.

I used a chip brush to add highlights of metallic antique copper paint first.

Then I mixed a little orange paint with the copper for the second go around of highlights.

I used metallic bronze paint for the last step of highlighting.

My husband cut pieces of a dead vine from a tree for stems, and I painted them with this metallic espresso color paint. We cut these much smaller. :)

I had a coiled water hose with a hole in it, so I cut it into nine sections to use on the pumpkins.

We put screws from the under side of the pumpkins to screw the stems to. I ran a bamboo stick through each end of the hose to straighten them out somewhat, and then I broke them inside the hose until I liked how they looked.

I bought three strands of garland from Hobby Lobby on sale and sprayed them with Krylon glitter blast, golden glow. I used twine coated wire and hot glue to attach the garland and hose pieces.

After getting these placed around the yard, I wasn't liking the hose very much, so I grabbed a chip brush and gold paint and went around to each one to give the hose pieces highlights. I liked them afterwards. I love, love these huge pumpkins!

When we came home that day with six giant turbines filling the bed of our full size truck, our daughter had came over looking at us like we'd lost our marbles. I told her these are going to be the great pumpkins! She was like huh, they look like hot air balloons to me. My eyes must of glazed over by the look on her face, because I really did have hot air balloons floating around in my head. :) She asked if we'd save one for her a hot air balloon for her yard, of course we agreed, but word got around to our other two kids, so we saved three of the turbines for them. But, not this year for goodness sakes, next year! And, besides that's going to take some thinking!

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