How to Make Stuffed Fabric Pumpkins For Your Fall Decor 🎃

by Lauraleedaydreams
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Today, I'm going to show you how to make stuffed fabric pumpkins. This is such an easy project and you can use any fabric. I used both a traditional Halloween color (black and orange) and some very beachy colors since I live near the ocean. Let's get started with these cute fabric pumpkins.

Template for the pumpkin

1. Find or make a template

This is an 18” wood circle that I used as a pattern. Smaller circles make smaller pumpkins.

Cutting out the fabric

2. Cut out the fabric

I made it even a little larger by cutting it about an extra inch all the way around.

Fabric pattern for the pumpkin

Now it’s ready. You don’t even have to worry if the fabric is a little bit wrinkled.

Filling a grocery bag with polyester filling

3. Make the filling

Now for the inside. I used a grocery bag and polyester filling.

Placing the filling on the fabric

I then turned it upside down. The bottom was a little too fiat for me. So I cut one of the handles from the top of the grocery bag. I poked a hole on both sides. Then I put the bag handle through both holes and the tied it. This helped the stuffed bag to be more round.

4. Make the pumpkin

Next, place the stuffing on the fabric and pull up all the sides of the fabric. Hold it all together in one hand and then tie it off with a rubber band. The gathered fabric will be about an inch and a half tall.

If you can’t gather all the fabric at the top it might be that the ball is too big. Just take some of the stuffing out until you have a size that will work.

I then worked to even out the top fabric with the rubber and helped it not to fall apart.

Cutting strips of fabric

5. Make the stem

I also cut strips of the same fabric. I used the strips of fabric to tie around the top and hide the rubber band.

Tying a bow at the top

The I prettied them up with ribbon and bows.

Decorative knob for the pumpkin stem

The final step was to find a decorative knob for the pumpkin stem and glue it into the hole at the top. Trying to get it in the rubber band.

Fabric pumpkins

DIY fabric pumpkins

See how different each one is! I loved picking out the knobs. You can also use small spindles or cinnamon sticks for the stem. Just use your imagination!

DIY fabric pumpkin

I gave this one to my sister.

DIY fabric pumpkins

More ways to top off the pumpkins. I used some raffia on these.

Close up of the stem

Close up of the stem.

Close up of the fabric pumpkin

Another close up.

How to make a fabric pumpkin

And another.

I hope you liked this tutorial. Let me know if you have questions and have a great day.

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Suggested materials:
  • Fabric   (Walmart)
  • Polyester stuffing   (Amazon)
  • Knobs   (Hobby Lobby)
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