Can the canopy of a patio umbrella be removed and died?

The fabric of my offset patio umbrella has faded but is still good. It also has a working solar panel to light up the ribs. Would like to either dye it or bleach it white if I can.

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  • Kauai Breeze Kauai Breeze on May 27, 2018
    You can paint it with fabric paint (from a craft store). Stenciling a design would be nice.

  • Linda Linda on May 27, 2018
    You can paint canvas fabric. A link attached to get you started.

    I guess its possible to add new fabric to an umbrella also. See link attached. Hope this helps

  • 2dogal 2dogal on May 27, 2018
    Clean it well and use a fabric dye.

  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on May 27, 2018
    I think this is too much work, why not cover it in fabric with pins or safety pins. Find some nylon fabric that will hold up to the weather. Start at one rib at a time, this seems easier, that's what I did, because my umbrella wàs faded also.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on May 27, 2018
    To dye it so that the dye penetrates and circulates through the fabric evenly, you are going to need a very large container to first mix the dye with water. Then when you go to remove the wet fabric, it will be very heavy and cumbersome. You will need to squeeze out the excess water first, then hang it where it can dry without staining other surfaces with the dripping dyed water.

    • Anna Maria Anna Maria on May 27, 2018
      Thank you. I do not have the space or ability to squeeze out the water. Dying is out.

  • M. M.. M. M.. on May 27, 2018
    White umbrellas can be very glare-y when you sit under them, try some darker fabric for your re-cover, maybe even some of the sun-resistant fabrics like Sunbrella, won't fade or develop sun rot. I just did a quick search for replacement offset patio umbrellas covers and found them for about $100-125 at various sources. Here's just one example (for just the fabric), they have square and round, all sizes. You could easily spend that much just for the uncut fabric..

  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on May 28, 2018
    I don't have access to take a picture.