Decorating a small Fla. 70's ranch.

Why do we always see décor ideas for anything and everything but a small ranch 70's home. No, we don't have window frames, no stairs, no quaint front porch, it's just frustrating when I look at home decorating books and there's nothing close to what live in.

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  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Jul 06, 2018
    I lived in a quirky 70's house for awhile. There aren't many architectural elements in them, are there? I started with paint. I painted everything, but then you can add little bits of architectural interest with trims around the house. I'm thinking chair rail, trimming out a mirror, even crown molding.

  • Beth Beth on Jul 08, 2018
    As a retired decorator, I got this question a lot. Those magazines are meant to inspire, so look at them for ideas more than for actual pictures. We lived in Denver for awhile, and it was my first experience with frameless windows! You can easily add sills and frames to windows and doorways, and use moldings to dress up plain hollow-core doors. Paint dark wood doors and trim white to brighten older homes. See if there is hardwood under the carpet. Paint and stencil the old tile/lino in the baths and laundry rooms for a change if the budget is tight. Paint your old kitchen cabinets and change the visible hinges to invisible hinges and get new hardware. Study the furniture arrangements in the magazines and try some of their ideas. Move your drapes up and out -- do not cover the glass with the fabric! Basically, just try the ideas in the magazines and relate them to your home -- you'll find many of them work just as well in your house as in the fanciest Mcmansion!

  • Robyn Garner Robyn Garner on Jul 10, 2018

    I also live in a typical FL ranch (circa 1980). It doesn't matter if you don't have window moldings! Dress (or keep simple) your window coverings. I put in baseboards - it's cheap!

    The rest of your home is the same "old blank slate" as anyone else's. Paint in current colors, choose furniture you like that fits into each room, update the kitchen and bathrooms as you can. You can either replace the flooring (guessing it's the same tiles as everyone had back then), leave them if they aren't too obnoxious (mine stayed as they're white), get colorful area rugs.