How do I create the internals of a cigar box to create a ring box?

I want rows of foam padding covered in silk to place my rings into.

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  • Places like Michaels sells the ring holders, you should definitely be able to find something to fit inside.

  • Dwp7470b Dwp7470b on Dec 31, 2018

    I agree CribbStyle. The work involved to make a 'Simple Box' is very seldom as Simple in Actual DIY as it may appear 'on TV as done by someone with all the tools'. With Cigar Boxes especially You end up needing to understand Miniature Dovetailing by Different Cut Depth and many just end up cutting corners to use a Glued on Ribbon as a Hinge to then integrate that as a Means to hold together The Cut Corners too. So basically a Cigar Box is a Bad Choice for Jewelry in the DIY End Outcome in contrast to: a Safe, or Medicine Cabinet styled In-Wall or In-Closet Hidden Cabinet. Before approaching that as an option, please Imagine the Labors of Sinking into a Wall a Flimsy Cigar Box from and after the hole is cut, you end up needing to Spackle the entire, etc as the Good ideas on TV do not apply outside the Studio in the Home. You are better off looking up:

    A. How to inlay Shelves Or a Shadow Box in a wall.

    B. How to construct a Panel Door (to attach a Picture to a frame of the door on a Drawer Mechanism).

    C. How to DIY a functional combination lock.

    D. How to Place a Burglar Alarm inside a Cigar Box.

    Because quite simply: a Burglar does not Dismantle a Wall by Fist in 30 seconds or less, but certainly can crush a Cigar Box with one hand, and if these are dumb enough to trigger an Alarm inside a Cigar Box, so be it.