What's the best way to cut mosaic tiles and glass?

My friend and I are planning a mosaic tile craft party. We want to use tiles, plates, stained glass....on terra cotta pots and glass bottles. Need advice on what and how to cut them with and also what to use to make them stick. Has to be weatherproof. We love this site and have done so many fun projects from ideas on here. Thanks for the help.
q what s the best way to cut mosaic tiles and glass
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  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Jul 12, 2018

    If you have a lot of broken pieces of glass to use, use those. Have lots of sandpaper, manual and electric sanders, and safety gloves and safety glasses for everyone. To use a special electric saw for cutting tile, you will need extra safety precautions plus it will create lots of dust. That’s why I suggest prebroken glass and tile and lots of sanders, Ochwoman. Have fun with your crafting evening! That sounds like a natural for a Hometalk video. ☺️

    • Ochwoman Ochwoman on Jul 12, 2018
      What are the sandpaper and sander for? Smoothing edges of glass? Thanks for your response!

  • William William on Jul 12, 2018

    You can get some tile cutting pliers for straight cuts. Tile nippers to cut patterns and curves. For plates and random cuts just lay the plates/glass on a towel, cover with another towel and hammer away. Make sure you use eye protection.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Jul 12, 2018
    Yes. Smoothing the edges of the materials and sanding them to the shape you want. Cutting tiles is hard work. Cutting glass can be very dangerous. But your family can take the proper precautions and see that your guests do, too, and have a safe creative evening. ☺️

  • Kathy Rycroft Kathy Rycroft on Jul 12, 2018
    Gloves and safety glasses, first and foremost!