Restoration Hardware Inspired I-Pad or Recipe Holder.

I was looking for something to hold my I-Pad or Recipe Cards up and out of the way of spills and drips! I LOVE the RH urban, industrial and rustic feel of their pieces...but, not on my budget ;-) So, I decided to make one instead. Very easy, this piece was free since I had all the wood, paints and stains available. Also, since the metal banding is metal, you can use a magnet to hold paper full sheet size to the board too!!
I wanted the overall size of the holder to be approx 12 tall and 7.5 wide. I cut 3 pieces of wood, You can make them the same size , or I used 2- 2 in wide, and 1- 3 inch. 12 inches long.
I used different types of wood, maple, ash and oak.. love the unique markings on each type and the way the stain grabbed as well. Perfect...but imperfect all at the same time, just the look I was looking for. Cut 3 thin strips of wood 7 inches wide, that will be used to hold the boards together on the back side.
Ok, now we are getting fancy! You can see the small wood strip that I am using and my super spacers.. old CD's... ( hey I like to repurpose) Once you have the boards lined and spaced properly. Grab the Gorilla Glue.. glue and clamp your strips till set. I went ahead and added some small staples as well to the strips just to be sure.

Of course, forgot to take a pic of the actual tray that holds the I-Pad.... before I assembled it....but pretty simple in design. Cut 1 piece 7 inches long. 1 in wide and 1.5 inches deep. Second piece is 7 inches long, .5 inch deep and a inch wide. Glue the small piece to the larger ( front) clamp and when dry and secure, I used my nail gun and shot a nail from the back into all 3 pieces.
I used Metal pipe strapping you can find in any hardware store. First I sprayed with some Krylon Metal Primer that was the perfect rusty color I was looking for and then oversprayed with Krylon Black.. Messed it up with a dry cloth till I got the look I was going for. Cut to measure to wrap around board a bit in the back and secure with screws. I used a hammer to bang it flat around the corners and and flat to the top. I didn't have any nails handy with a large enough head, so, some roofing nails worked perfectly.! I left them bare metal for contrast. This was the first coat of the paints.. I just kept playing till I found the perfect look.
Simple hinge on the back to hold it upright. Fun project and No more messy recipes or splashes on the tablet
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