12 Showstopping DIY Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

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Get inspired and learn how to decorate your bedroom walls with one of these spectacular and creative DIYs.

Bedroom Wall Decor (Pixabay)

So you want to create a fabulous sanctuary to come home to each night, but you’re just not sure how to decorate your bedroom walls? Whether your style is rustic country or modern glam, queen of accessories or king of minimalism, you’re bound to find an idea that works for you. From painting and planking techniques to create a bold focal wall to quick ways to add smaller accents that will personalize your bedroom, they’re all here. Don’t rely on the bedding to dress your room. If your walls are bare, your room will always feel unfinished. So grab a pillow, put your feet up and relax as we look at 12 showstopping DIY bedroom wall decor ideas to create your own dreamy retreat.

1.Create A Bedroom Wall Gallery

Sure you can hang one picture on your bedroom wall or maybe even a collage of your favorite photos, but why not take it up a notch and design your very own gallery wall. They’re so much more interesting. Items grouped together in a defined space have a much greater impact than a stand-alone frame and even better, you can make the area personal. Fill it with pictures, memorabilia, and your own DIY creations. Start by choosing an area in your room to focus on, decide on a theme for your decor and lay it out. Combining photos, prints, three-dimensional objects, and unexpected memorabilia will give your walls interest and depth and create a one of kind display you won’t want to take your eyes off of when it’s time go to sleep. 

Bedroom Wall Decor ideas (Reiner MacPhail)

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2.Trash To Amazing Treasure On A Shelf

Today upcycling is all the rage. With a little bit of imagination, that curbside find or yard sale bargain can be turned into a rustic piece of artwork, the perfect decorating idea to accent those gray bedroom walls, and add to your farmhouse decor. This junkin wall art was made by framing an old metal scrap. The rich patina makes it a standout. Coupled with a few thrift store finds and a bouquet of cotton stems it’s the perfect accessory to make your bedroom feel like a warm country inn. Turning trash into treasure is an easy way to get a totally unique look that fits your style and lets you get your DIY on at the same time. And best of all, it won’t break the bank!

DIY Bedroom Wall Decor (Colleen@lifeonkayderosscreek)

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3. Add A Ladder Just For Fun

Sometimes you don’t need to do more to your junkin find than prop it against a wall. Hometalker Donna from Funky Junk Interiors pulled a ladder out of her garage and added it to her bedroom, as she transformed it from a plain beige box to a bedroom full of charm and distressed style. The ladder adds an architectural element to the room and draws your eye up to the ceiling creating the illusion of more space. It’s also a great place to display treasures, like handmade blankets and vintage books, or even more practical items like sweaters or shoes. At the same time, its unexpected presence adds to the design of the room, helping to create a vibe that makes you want to climb that ladder...right into bed. 

Bedroom Wall Art Decor (Funky Junk Interiors - Donna)

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4. Spice Up The Walls Using Furniture

Pictures, paintings, and shelves aren’t the only ways to accent a wall. With a little bit of ingenuity, even furniture itself can become wall decor. Headboards are often used to fill the space behind a bed, choosing a plain one is wasted opportunity to decorate. By combining parts from several old thrift store headboards, Hometalker Robyn Henderson and her husband turned a functional necessity into art. Fixed against the bedroom wall, her creation not only frames the bed, but it fills the room with color. She was able to utilize her finds in a brand new way, putting the pieces together to fit her own personal taste, in hues that matched her bedding.

Bedroom Headboard (Robyn Henderson)

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5. Light It Up

If you really want to make your headboard stand out and take your bedroom wall decor up a notch, add lights like Hometalk DIYer, Meredith Wouters. String lights aren’t just for Christmas anymore. Mounted on the wall behind the bed and covered by a partially sheer curtain they add a romantic glow to this master bedroom, giving it a weekend getaway feel. Even better, these lights are more than just a pretty accent, they act as reading light at night. Meredith uses a remote control device to turn them on and off, without ever getting out of her luxuriously lit bed. Clever, easy-to-use, and absolutely beautiful. 

Bedroom Headboard Ideas (Meredith Wouters)

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6. Wallpaper Is Back

Have you heard the news? Wallpaper is making a comeback. Whether you choose to cover just one wall or all, it’s a quick way to add some drama to your bland bedroom walls, no matter your style or your budget. Today’s papers are more durable than their predecessors, go up quickly and are easy to clean. They are available in literally thousands of patterns and you can find them everywhere, from local shops and big box hardware store to online sites. Whether you DIY the installation or call in a pro, the job is usually complete in a day, so you can start enjoying the room right away. The addition of wallpaper gives this bedroom personality and adds a level of elegance that can’t be achieved with paint alone, creating a welcoming air for anyone lucky enough to visit.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas (DIY Passion)

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7. Stenciled Walls

Love the drama that wallpaper provides, but not into the kind of long term commitment it requires? How about decorating your bedroom walls with a stencil instead? They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your current design motif and some companies will even let you design your own. You can decorate your bedroom by adding them to an entire wall for a bold statement or just part of a wall as an accent, like a ceiling border or chair rail to give your boudoir some personality. With the right tools and a little bit of patience, you can create your own masterpiece in your master bedroom in no time flat. Best of all, you can paint right over your mural, when you’re ready for a change.

Bedroom Wall Decor (Albion)

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8. Add Some Farmhouse Style With Shiplap

Looking for a little farmhouse flair? Love that Fixer Upper style? How about adding a shiplap wall behind your bed. Right now it’s all the rage. The process is rather straightforward and the neutral colored background provides the perfect backdrop for your wrought iron headboard and layers of fluffy white bedding. Whether you paint the wooden boards white or decorate your bedroom walls with a gentle shade of gray, the look is classic country. And the horizontal lines of the boards add an element of interest and age to your room, even if your house is a brand new or builder grade. There’s no fussing around with fancy cuts and since it’s a DIY job, you can get the look and still have money left over for even more decor. 

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas (Hoosier Homemade)

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9. Stained Pallet Boards

So those wide wooden planks make you swoon, but you’re not really a fan of light walls. You’re looking for a big wow that goes beyond wallpaper and paint. Well, how about planking an entire wall with dark wood instead? The look is elegant, rustic, dramatic and cozy all at once. Using the different size and colored boards, this couple transformed their plain white bedroom wall into a show-stopping focal point in their master, without changing much else. The white bedding and light colored drapes pop against the planks and the result is an ethereal farmhouse master suite.

Wood Wall Bedroom (Claire @ The Rustic Pig)

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10. Make A Barn Door Part Of Your Decor

Get ready to swoon over this amazing sliding barn door turned decor. DIY Hometalker Debbie, was looking for a solution to a space issue in her small bedroom and turned it into an opportunity to decorate at the same time with outstanding results. She obviously needed a bathroom door, but she also needed the dresser next to it for storage. The swinging motion of the door knocked into the furniture, so one of them would have to go. Or not. By installing barn door hardware she eliminated the swinging, the door slides behind the dresser. The addition of a mirror makes the door even more functional it looks stylish sitting on top of the dresser. The walls are equally as stylish when the door is closed and lovely painting is revealed.

Master Bedroom Decor (Debbie)

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11. Add Some Bling

Don’t hide your jewelry in a box. Whip up a decorative display and let your bling make your bedroom walls sparkle. By adding some chicken wire and paint to an old broken frame, Hometalker GrandmasHouseDIY was able to show off her pretty fashion accessories by turning them into a key piece of her master bedroom wall decor. The white frame pops against the dark paint and the chicken wire accent and feathered earrings on display capture the barn feel of the suite that ties in with beadboard ceiling. It’s a functional way to store necessary personal items and a great way to add a personal style to your space. It works with any motif, depending on the materials you use, so dig through your own silver and gold stash to see what you own and how it can work on your walls. 

Wall Art Ideas for Bedroom (GrandmasHouseDIY)

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12. Look, Mom, No Nails

So you love these ideas, but unfortunately, you can’t do anything permanent like wallpaper and holes in the wall are a giant no. Perhaps you have plaster walls, which can be difficult and messy to drill into. Perhaps you’re an apartment dweller, college student or renter and the responsibility of patching holes before you move out is not very appealing. It understandable, but that’s no reason to curl up in bland space. You can still decorate your bedroom walls with vinyl wall decals and Command Hooks. They are both made to be removed without causing any damage and they are super simple to use. Hanging photos, lights and framing artwork is an easy job without worrying about where studs and supports are, and the design sky is the limit. You can even create your very own gallery wall. And just like that, we’re back where we started. 

Wall Stickers for Bedroom (House on the Way - Leslie)

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12 of the best DIY bedroom wall decor ideas all in one place. It’s easy to see that with a little bit of imagination, a paintbrush, lights, a few planks or even a junk find can totally transform blank and empty bedroom walls, helping you to create a warm and welcoming space where you can cuddle up, rest and rejuvenate.

So which one is your favorite? Before you go, do you have your own DIY tip on how to decorate bedroom walls? Post your latest wall decor project on Hometalk and share it with the community so we can get inspired by you!

Written for the Hometalk community by: Kim | Exquisitely Unremarkable

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    Home interior is my weakness. I want everything to be original, so that everything is at a minimum and of high quality. This decor struck me in the heart! Everything looks so neat and vintage that my heart beats now more often. My sister and I recently started repairs in our apartment and decided that there should be a minimum of everything (neither she nor I love to clean the house haha). Therefore, we ordered an antique world map canvas from Texelprintstore.com. We hung the card over the fireplace. Very beautiful and interesting product of excellent quality! Our apartment is in the loft-style, so this product fits perfectly into the overall interior :)