Abstract Artwork - Canvas Painting

Canvas painting is so easy that anybody can do it even younger ones. This is a great activity for kids to encourage them and enhance their artistic skills. We both enjoyed the activity and I was surprised with how it turned out. You can't tell it was painted by a 2 year old kid.
Materials I used for canvas painting.
I initially applied a thin white paint on canvass and waited a good hour to dry.
While waiting to dry, prepare your tape. I wanted to use smaller width but I only have 1 inch tape so I cut them to get 1/4 inch width by laying it into flat surface and cut it using ruler and sharp cutter. This is optional, width of the tape depends on your preference.
Place the tape on your canvas. There's no pattern to follow. Make sure that you stick them good to avoid paints getting underneath.
Pour a small amount of paint in a tray palette. I only bought 5 colors but I managed to produce more colors by combining them using the blending ratio I found in food color box.
Let the kid play around with colors. Paint the canvas until all covered.
Let it dry overnight. Peel off the tape and hang on the wall.
For more information about this project and the color blending, please head over to the link below.

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  • William William on Jun 28, 2016
    This is great for the kids when their bored. As adults we look at color, form, and function. Kids just get into it, have fun, and come out with a masterpiece.

  • Maria Maria on Jul 17, 2016
    Thank you. Yes that's right, just have fun. A masterpiece comes out when you enjoy what you're doing.