Antique Windows From A Local Old Home

My husband and I are "Pickers" ... We LOVE OLD THINGS!! The older the better... rust is GOOD!! Chipped paint is FANTASTIC!! LOL :D ...These windows are from a house in our hometown of Riverview, once called Peru. The owner has sold the land and they are getting ready to demolish the old home. The owner, is one of my husband's old Boy Scout Masters, so letting us take 1/2 the windows in that old house was welcomed.
Here are a few windows we dressed up. We are both native Floridians... Not many of us left, especially in the Tampa Bay Area. I am 8 generations Florida. My husband & I, miss our small little town of Riverview. It's not the same sweet lil' town we grew up in or that my dad grew up in.. It got so busy with traffic, sub-divisions, etc. that my husband and I sold our house of 23 years and moved to another small town nearby ... But, we long for the old days again.. In the meantime, we have some old windows from a very familiar old wooden home that sat on property by the Alafia River, in the heart of our little hometown.

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