Baby Wipe Recycle and Repurpose That's Cheap, Easy and Quick!

4 Days
Before you get excited, of course this med box should not be used if there are children in the house. If there are, meds should remain out of their reach. There are many homes where no children reside or only visit occasionally. When they DO visit, this is a great way to keep your meds because the lid can be closed quickly and the light-weight box set on a high shelf until the children are gone. My mother had eight bottles of various meds and vitamins sitting on a side table in the livingroom "so she would not forget to take them". It was unsightly so I found something for her to put them in.
After you finish a box of baby wipes, simply wash it well and let it dry.
Then, using primer for plastics, give the box a good coat and allow to dry for several hours.
After it is completely dry, spray with whatever color spray paint you want, I generally use Krylon Paint for Plastics. Let this dry for several days so it can cure - meaning adhere well to the plastic.
I had some ribbon that matched so I cut the ribbon to size securing it with double sided tape. You can set your meds in there then put them by your chair or bedside. The best part is that now, when she reaches across her side table, she doesn't knock 3 or 4 bottles over spending the next hour trying to fish them out from under her rocker. It's easy and a great reuse of plastics!
See how nicely that all fits in there? She has Over the counter drugs and vitamins, eye drops, blister packs, and regular medication. Mother is thrilled with it!

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