Changing Old Decorative Pieces With Spray Paint

2 Materials
30 Minutes

If you are like me, you will change your taste in decor all the time. I go from liking bold colours to neutrals all the time. But that doesn’t mean we need to bin out accessories. We can always spruce them up and give them a new lease of life with spray paint. I’m a firm believer in upcycling rather than spending money on new items.

This was a tall jar vase that I had in our old bedroom and I had kept it tucked away in the loft. We were having a clear out and I came across it again. I loved the shape of it and the cracked effect it has but the real colour was no use anymore as it didn’t suit anywhere in the house. So I decided to buy some spray paint and begin my upcycle

Luckily it was nice weather so I placed an old card box down on the table so I didn’t damage the surface. I sprayed the vase staying a good distance away and used a gentle up and down motion. This allowed a light layer over the vase so the cracked effect could still be seen. My first spray was too close (which is shown at the top of this jar) so I knew after that mistake to keep further away and build up the layers

This was the finished effect and now I love it and it matches the decor in my daughters room so well. And you can still see the crackle effect through the light layer on paint. I may give it another layer but I like it for now. I am so glad I sprayed it and it now has a new home rather than ending up in the charity store

This was the spray paint I used. It went on really well and gave a really good coverage. I’ve tried lots of spray paints at all different prices and this one was really good value for money. It wasn’t expensive and did the job and there is still some left over to start another task. I wonder what I will do next!

Suggested materials:

  • Spray paint   (Diy store)
  • Vase   (From home)

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