Coffee Wall Art

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2 Hours
The world runs on coffee, right? We think so and so do millions of other people. We thought we would show our love for coffee by creating a simple piece of coffee wall art.
This is an incredibly easy project to make, especially if you have a scroll saw or a CNC. You can get the pattern for this project on our website -
The video shows a lot more of each of the steps below and some that we couldn't include. Also, if you would like more in-depth step-by-step details you can check out the full tutorial on our website.
The first thing we did was apply the pattern to a piece of 1/8" thick MDF or hardboard. We always use a layer of blue painter's tape to make removing the pattern easier later on. The pattern is glued to the tape with a spray adhesive. The pattern is available on our website, which is lined throughout.
Note - there are two patterns that come with this; the cup and coffee splash and the carafe.
We cut the patterns out using a scroll saw, but you could also use a coping saw or band saw.
Since there weren't any super-tight curves we were able to use a thicker blade.
Once everything was cut out, we cleaned it all up on the strip sander. This makes for nice smooth edges.
Removing the patterns is a breeze if you used painter's tape.
Time to sand. Everything gets sanded. MDF tends to leave behind little fuzzies or burrs. Now, is the best time to take care of those.
Painting is either the fun part or the boring part, depending on how you view painting tiny items. Our paint scheme was simple, white for the cup and plate...
Silver and black for the carafe. And of course, deep, dark brown for the coffee.
We often times use these poster tabs to hang light weight stuff. This project is no exception. The best part is, they are removable, should you want to move you art later on.
Big pieces of the tabs for large pieces and smaller ones for the tiny pieces.
Hanging is simple. Remove the backing of the poster tabs and position the pieces in place.
From the pictures it is pretty easy to figure out how they get positioned.
Pretty self-explanatory as well.
That's it. A simple piece of wall art that is fun and easy to make. It's great for giving your kitchen that diner feel.
If you like this and want to see more make sure you check out our website or subscribe to our YouTube channel here -

Suggested materials:

  • MDF   (Menards)
  • Acrylic Paint   (Hobby Lobby)

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