Combo Project: Jute Container+ Junk Art Heart Collage

6 Materials
15 Minutes

This post will be using one of my mini junk collage hearts to embellish an up-cycled metal vegetable can turned boho rope container. The focus here is on making the rope container.

Rope container holder

First clean and dry any empty tin or aluminum can you have. Grab your hot glue gun, some jute or Manila rope and you’re ready to go.

Basic supplies

Begin by gluing your rope along the top of your can and proceed by continually wrapping and gluing the rope until you cover the whole can.

Glue & Wrap rope

Once the entire can is covered in a layer of rope, it’s time to cover up any sharp edges on the inside of your can. I glue a piece of 1/4” rope along the inside rim of my can. I then glue more jute cord onto any areas where the can is still showing until it looks like the entire can is made of rope.

Cover any sharp edges inside can top

Next, I glued on one of my heart shaped junk collage pieces onto the front of the jute covered can. I also hot glued thicker rope around the top and bottom of my container. This little boho container can now be used to hold items or be used to plant mini succulents. What will you do with yours?

Remote holder
Pencil/pen holder
Succulent container mini-garden

If you make it into a succulent garden, it will cost a bit more if you need to buy the plants. If you have succulents and like to propagate, these containers make a great place to root cuttings from your existing plants. I previously posted how to make the little heart collages if you wish to view that as well. Thanks for stopping by.

Suggested materials:

  • Tin can   (Veggie can)
  • Junk heart collage   (Previous project)
  • Jute rope   (Dollar Tree)
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