Create This Seasonal Candle Holder Using Wood Icing™, A Stencil & Vase

1 Hour
Here is an easy fall home décor project to use now, for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Great for adults to do with kids. All Wood Icing supplies are available at or call 866-966-3423. Find a retailer near you at
Make just one - or several - to use in fall-themed groupings.
Supplies: Glass vase and candle to fit, Wood Icing™ Textura Paste, Rusty Nails and Mud Pie Glazing Colors, stencil, soft tool to spread the paste, tape, rags and a brush. For the vase - we used one from the dollar store that is about 4" wide. In order to prevent the Textura Paste from cracking from the candle heat, your should be at least as wide.
Tape the stencil on the vase.
Use a soft tool like this color shaper to spread the Textura Paste over the stencil and the entire vase. Not too thick.
Peel off the stencil and wash the Textura Paste off. (It sticks like crazy.) Let the paste dry completely - about 45 minutes or so.
Use a brush to wash on a layer of the Rusty Nails glaze. Wipe excess off. Brush on a layer of Mud Pie and wipe off the excess. Let dry. We did not seal this project because it will rarely be handled, but you can seal it with Wood Icing™ Poly Acrylic Dull sealer.

Please remember - never leave a burning candle unattended.
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