Create Your Own Decorative Corbel

3 Materials
1 Hour

A couple years ago I purchased a set of corbels from a decor store and used them in the corners of my kitchen cutout. They were $10 a piece at 50% off. Originally $20 FOR A CORBEL?! I can't even. I'm too cheap.

I wanted a second set of corbels as shelf decor but like I mentioned before, I'm too cheap to actually spend more than $10 on a corbel. And with scrap wood on hand I knew I could make them for pennies. So, I did!

I had leftover 2x4's from creating a potting bench early this year, and after it was sitting outside for several months the wood was weathered and splintered. Perrrfect for a corbel.

I then I cut the wood in the center and cut it in half for 2 equal sized wood pieces (6" each).

Then I lightly sanded the wood to remove any major splinter hazards and used a natural coffee stain to color the wood. I set the wood aside for 1 hour to dry until the next step.

After the stain was set and dry, I used wood glue to adhere the 2 pieces of wood together.

One of the most defining parts of a corbel is the wood piece inside the corner. For this piece I used a small rectangle 1"x4".

Cutting angles is sometimes tricky and if you mess it up, you have to toss it and start with a new piece. What a pain. So this is my trick:

Place the small piece of wood under the corbel and mark the angle with a pencil. Cut along the marking and it will fit perfectly!

Glue the small triangle onto the corner of the corbel and let dry following the directions on your wood glue bottle.

Snap a shelfie or wherever your corbel sits and tag @hometalk to share the results!

Suggested materials:

  • 2x4 wood   (Home depot)
  • Wood Glue   (Home depot)
  • Saw   (Home depot)

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