Decorating Candles in a Jar

2 Materials
20 Minutes
Ok so in a previous post I made some candles and one of them came out UGLY!! So I decided to get out some craft supplies and get to work.
Here is the link to how I made the candles.
The ugly candle, some burlap looking ribbon from the Dollar Tree, double sided tape from Elizabeth craft designs and some burlap flowers. I think they came from Target's dollar spot,
I cut the ribbon long enough to wrap around the jar and I tore the sticky tape and stuck to the ribbon.
I used the same tape on the flower.
Wrap and adhere the ribbon and center the flower. One down, let's try some other stuff, shall we.
Some leftovers from my fall scarecrow wreaths
Pull the plastic veins off the silk leaves.
Stick on some of that sticky tape.
Stick the leaves on the jar. here I overlapped a few leaves and tied a piece of raffia around.
This one I stuck a few pieces of the tape to jar first.
Then I wrapped a few pieces of raffia around. now you could stop here for a simple look but I added leaves to this one too.
Stick on a few leaves.
I then decided to add a burlap flower to this one too
I had to include a photo of my little thief. He wanted that raffia so bad.
These are the four candles I decorated. The left center I forgot to take pictures of as I went. But, it was just a piece of leafy looking fall ribbon that I put the sticky tape on like I did for the first candle with the burlap ribbon. I then took the last bit that was left on the spool (I did say these were made with the left overs) It wasn't big enough for a bow so I just fan folded it. Stuck on some of the sticky tape and stuck it on.
Suggested materials:
  • Premade candles   (I made them see link to other post)
  • Scraps from previous projects   (craft stash)
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  • Barbara Vaughn Barbara Vaughn on Nov 30, 2017
    I want to make some Xmas ice candles as gifts, can I spray the inside of a coffee can with Pam, so candle will come out after made, does anyone know?
    Thank you

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