Decorative Food for Display

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this is one of the projects where all of you can be so creative and imaginative to make the most amazing creations and handmade decoration.

today i am using polymer clay and liquid clay from sculpey oven bake clay to make decorative donuts and macarons. usually, people make out of polymer clay the miniature food or charms for jeweler, magnet décor or as a small cute gift for people you want to impress lol!

personally, as a home decor blogger and instagramor i will use this clay food as a fake food for staging and photography. but i will also display them in my kitchen next to my coffee station to add some peps and realistic look.

imagine you want to take a picture holding a cup of coffee but you have nothing to add some beauty and interest to your shot. i think having those cute realistic food will change the meaning of your picture.

if you have a coffee shop, a bakery this is a great way to display food without worrying about the shelf life of your displayed food! clever lol!

put them on your office desk and let people stop by and wonder about them! so many use for this project and so many possibilities to make your favorite food always next to you.

i use sculpey oven bake polymer clay brand, you can use whatever brand it works for you. i buy it from walmart for half price then other seller. you can use the plain white 1 lb block and color it with oil paint colors. or buy the pre colored polymer clay certainly, it's more costly but you will save some time and less mess with the precolored ones.

cut a piece of the polymer clay and relax the dough little bit but pressing and shaping with hands just to warm up a bit for easier use.

to make a donut, shape a ball and then press gently. with a pencil make a hole and spin the pencil to make it bigger enough to look like a donut.

with an old tooth brush, tap the donut everywhere to make some texture on it.

bring pastel colors and grind it with a blade to obtain a powder. use the tan color for that because we are trying to imitate the golden color of a fried donut.

with a clean brush dust out the donut all over and remove the tape when done. blend a little bit the white ring you had with tape to fake the frying effect on the donut contour.

bake following the packaging baking instructions for about 8 minutes as a first bake. this step prevent the bake to loose it shape when we will apply the icing.

remove from the oven and let it cool completely.

use a small ball of polymer clay and squeeze some of the liquid clay over it add some water to dilute the paste. mix well until you got an icing or frosting texture. start covering the top of the donut then shape gently the icing dripping on the sides. use a needle to do the details.

roll different clay colors in super thin shape and cut out to make sprinkles. place over the pink fake icing and bake for 15 minutes according to the packaging baking instruction.

glaze and seal your work with varnish or urethane for a beautiful and realistic look.

final result. watch the video for more details.

for the macarons, make two even balls and press a bit. with a needle of toothpick, poke the bottom all around to fake the macarons crust.

bake it and then make another ball. flatten it and place it between the two macarons. press and bake again.

glaze and you're done.

Suggested materials:

  • Polymer clay   (walmart)
  • Liquid clay   (Michael's)
  • Pastel colors   (Michael's)
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