Designer Shopping Bags Turned Fashionable Vases

3 Materials
1 Hour

Have you ever thought of what to do with your extra designer shopping bags that you may have laying around the house? Usually I try to save them so I can re-use them one way or another. I had such a fun and great idea about how to utilize them. I had these three lovely designer bags laying around at home and I knew I wanted to use them in a creative way. I got to thinking and thought, what better way than incorporating some faux flowers in the bags to bring a feminine feel to the overall look?

All you need are some bags from any of your past shopping sprees or if you find a beautiful designer bag you love, I encourage you to use it for this project.

Lastly, you'll need to buy some faux flowers from a local Dollar Store or craft store to fill up the bags. Depending on how you style the flowers in the bag, you may or may not need a Styrofoam block to help structure the flowers in the bag. I went without a Styrofoam block and just arranged the flowers as I liked. This step is entirely up to you.

One last tip I have is to go for a monochromatic look if that is something you are into. I did it with a couple of the bags: The Louis Vuitton one with the orange faux poppies and the Kate Spade bag with the pink carnations.

The possibilities are endless here. I simply enjoy being able to re-use something that is laying around the house anyway.

Happy styling in your home and in your own personal fashion journey.

Steps to follow:

  1. Cut your faux flowers or leave them bunched up; the choice is yours.
  2. Start arranging the flowers inside of the bag to your liking.
  3. If you prefer to have more structure in your flower display, you may want to use a floral foam insert to stuff the flowers into
  4. Once your faux flower is arranged to your liking, display it in your bedroom, living room or room of your choice. It's such a cute little piece of decor.

Arrange your faux flowers in the designer shopping bag to your liking. As mentioned earlier, if you need more structure inside of the bag I would recommend purchasing a piece of  floral foam to help with the arrangement of the flowers.

Here is a monochromatic look with the orang poppy flowers in the LV bag. Another angle and view.

My most favorite, beautiful open  white roses in a Chanel shopping bag. This one is currently on my nightstand as we speak.

Before you start this project, lay out all of your faux flowers that you will want to utilize in the shopping bag. Depending on your preference, either cut each flower stem or keep the faux flowers bunched together. For the pink Kate Spade shopping bag, I kept the faux flowers in their original bunched format. For the orange poppy flowers in the previous photos, I cut the faux flowers individually.

Start by adding the flowers to the bag.

Keep adding more flowers to your liking and adjust the volume of the flower bouquet. That's the beauty of fake flowers!

Assemble to your liking! Now you can enjoy. It brightens up my day when I see this project in my bedroom.

Suggested materials:
  • Faux White Roses   (Michaels)
  • Pink Carnations   (Dollar Tree)
  • Poppy Flowers   (Michaels)
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