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This is a fun and easy DIY anyone can do and it looks so fancy when done. I will admit, this is a messy one with all that glitter and features but look at how she sparkles, so worth it!  All you'll need are supplies you probably already have plus a couple others that I will provide links for. This is great if you're a fan or know someone who is, this would make a great gift! You can also apply the same technic but with any character you want. You can even make a set of bottles with different characters and use the corresponding glitters!! I think I just figured out one of my next projects  There are so many ways to make this your own but if you want to know how to make this one, keep scrolling!
This is a step by step video of how I made this bottle. The details on how I made the image are in this video along with some other helpful hints. You can watch or keep scrolling to see the written step by step. Let's get started!
The first step is getting the image. you can find the image by googling Betty Boop coloring pages or copy paste the link I have provided in your search bar. Click and save to your computer.

Link To Picture:

I then edited the picture to take out the little guy holding the flowers and added color to her face, hands, and neck. I used a free online editor called, Lunapic.

Link To Lunapic: Copy paste the link I have provided in your search bar.

When saving it from Lunapic, it will save as a gif and in order to print, it must be a jpg, so I used a free online photo converter to fix that.

Link to Simple Image Converter: Copy paste the link I have provided in your search bar.

Once that's all done. You can print it out.

Cut The image out, but don't cut on the black line. You want to cut as close to it as possible without cutting it off because you want the black outline to show.

Color her dress, hat and lips red. You can use whatever you want, I used a marker.
Taking a clean dry bottle, using white acrylic paint and a pouncer brush, give it two coats. Letting it dry between each one.
Now it's time to decoupage.

the art or craft of decorating objects with paper cut-outs.

I used these paper napkins. Before gluing them onto the bottle, you have to peel back all the plies of napkin off first. Keep the printed part only. I used two paper napkins for this bottle.

I bought these on eBay and the person I bought them from no longer has them but I found two more sellers that sell them.

These are their links: Copy paste the link I have provided in your search bar.

Using Mod Podge and a clean dry brush, I applied it on a section of the bottle in a thin even layer.
Place the napkin on the bottle where you put the glue, continue to place glue around the bottle until the whole napkin adheres.

LIGHTLY, smooth down the napkin with a piece of crumpled up plastic wrap. This part is to minimize wrinkles. For this bottle it's not really that important because we will be putting tons of glitter over the napkin and won't be able to see the wrinkles anyways, but it's good practice for decoupaging and I'm used to doing it, so I do. There are other methods of smoothing out the napkin, I find this to be the easiest for me.

Lastly, place more Mod Podge over the entire piece of napkin to seal it in. Let that dry.

Measure and cut the second piece of napkin to fit the remaining empty spot of the bottle. Then repeat the previous steps.
Cut Little pieces and cover the top the same way. Leave the neck

Cut out little pieces and glue down the same way until the top it covered. Leaving only the neck without the napkin.

Once everything is all dried, using an X-Acto knife, cut the excess napkin off the bottom.
Paint the neck of the bottle, I used Flag Red from Plaid Apple Barrel.
Let that dry.

Place Mod Podge on the and sprinkle red glitter until fully covered.
Let that dry.
I used a glitter fabric paint but it was pointless as I added loss white glitter over that so just spread Mod Podge on the part with the napkin...

Sprinkle the white glitter all over it and let it dry.

Seal the whole bottle with a glitter sealer. I used Krylon Clear Glitter Sealer or you can do what I used to do and seal it with hairspray!

Place some Mod Podge where you want Betty, place Betty, and then place some more Mod Podge on top. Make sure to get those edges down really well.

let that dry and give it another coat just to make sure she's secure.

Add Red glitter to her dress, hat, and lips. When placing the glue do not place on the black lines... again, you want those to show.
As you go along, make sure to brush off the excess glitter with a dry bristle brush.
Once that's all done and dry, spray it with a sealer or use the hairspray and let that dry. (Make sure to get all the excess glitter off before you seal it!)

I added 2mm clear acrylic rhinestones to her bracelet and earrings. Use Mod Podge and a thin paint brush.
Add 4mm clear acrylic rhinestones where the napkin meets the red. Then add the same ones to the top. Next row is 6mm in the color deep red, then another row of 4mm clear.

In between the red and clear add 2mm red as shown in the picture. Let all that dry.
Add feathers to her hat and boa. Place Mod Podge, staying inside the black lines, glue the features down, let them dry and trim them down with scissors. If you want to see how I made the cork, copy paste this link to view the video.

Link to cork:
Here she is, Miss Betty, all done! I hope these instructions were helpful and that it inspires you to go and try it out! I love how she came out, so sparkly and very VA VA Voom  Just like Miss Betty! If you have any questions please feel free to ask me below and if you like this DIY, you might like some of my other ones. I'll leave my YouTube link down below, under the material list, where it says, to see more. Come say hi  to me and my awesome YouTube family! Hope to see you there!

Suggested materials:

  • Empty Wine Bottle   (I get mines from family and friends)
  • Paper Image Of Betty
  • Features
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  • Eva Stracener Eva Stracener on Oct 09, 2017
    My sister-in-law would have loved this. She was the biggest Betty Boop I ever knew. BEAUTIFUL
  • Vickie Vickie on Nov 13, 2017
    This is the cutest thing EVER! I've always been crafty. What my question is, I wonder if this could be done with Lucy? My daughter loves Lucy, then Betty Boop. I'd love to make her a Lucy. Do u think Lucy would be harder because she's not a cartoon?
    Thank you,

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    • Hello Vickie! That is a very good question. If I did it with Lucy, I would try and find an image of her that is outlined in black or one that's already colored in. If you use the already colored one make sure to print out a laser copy and NOT an ink jet copy or the color will run when placing glue over it. Hope that helps! :)