DIY: Easy Wall Art Tutorial

40 Minutes
Do you want to create something a little different to add to your wall decor? Then this epic spider and her web might be just the thing.
She’s really easy to make. All you need is some 12 gauge jewelry wire (we had some left over after making the Tree of Life , 26 gauge jewelry wire, a empty frame and two beads. I didn’t have a spare frame so we just made one using pallet off cuts.
Using the 12 gauge jewelry wire we cut:
- 2 pieces of wire 50 cm long (19.5")
- 1 piece of wire 26 cm long (10 2/8")
The length of the wire depends on your frame size, ours is roughly 36 cm by 30 cm (14" x 12") so adapt the lengths to suit. Bend the two 50 cm pieces in half and lay them out as shown below in the second pic. Take the shortest middle wire and wrap it around both the bent longer pieces to form the outer strands of the spider's web. Re-arrange the pieces in the corner of your frame and pull them apart until you're happy with the spacing.
Use the thinner 26 gauge jewelry wire to add the cross strands. I'm not even sure if that's the right word, I don't do spider speak ;-) Anyways, start at the top about 2 .5 cm down from the the point where the 12 gauge wires join and wrap the 26 gauge around each strand. Leave a long enough piece of wire on either side so you can attach the web to the frame when your done. Repeat the whole process as you move down the strands to complete the web.
When all the cross strands have been added, use a staple gun to staple those lose bits on the end of the web to the frame.
For the little spider we just used 2 beads and added legs made out of the thinner gauge jewelry wire.
I used some fishing gut to hang the spider from her web. When I first hung her, I did it all wrong. It was only when hubby said “you do know that spiders spin out of their bums” that I realized my mistake ;-)
What kind of wall art do you like and do you also prefer to make your own? I'd love to hear about it.
P.S. I've put the full tutorial on how to make the spider on the blog. Come say hi when you get a chance.

Michelle Leslie
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  • Jacks Beta Jacks Beta on Nov 02, 2016
    Nothing to do with your craft but what is the name of the plant you have in the last pic?


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