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How to make DIY egg carton roses? It's easier than you think! Today we will show you how to create flowers from egg cartons step by step. This egg carton roses definitely will decorate any of your crafts!

In today’s tutorial, we are going to turn an ordinary egg carton into beautiful roses.

Tear off the lid of the egg carton.

Then divide the box into sections tearing off the edges of the cups along the ribs. Now we want the edges to be a bit messy for a more natural look.

Today we are going to use an egg carton of ten sections. The number of boxes depends on the length of your garland (two sections will make one flower). You may paint the box in advance into any colour of your choice. But I personally like the soft beige hint and a limestone texture of the cardboard. It will give our flowers a ceramic look.

Now we are going to form the flower.

Tear down the edges of a cup to make four petals. You might want to form five or six. Anyway, make sure the basis of the flower is not torn.

Shape the petals.

To make the cardboard more plıant and easier to work with, slightly moist the rims. It’s better to use a soft brush. Squeeze out the excess water.

Too much of water might make the cardboard too soft and so quite difficult to shape.

Just leave the flower aside and let it dry out a little.

With your fingers shape the petals pressing each one from inside.

From the outside you will get a rib which gives your petal a natural look.

We are going to use a glue gun to fix our flowers, but you may also use PVA or two-sided tissue.

Take the light string.

A lamp of the garland is going to be a stamen of the rose.

Take one piece. Tear off in between the petals slightly – just enough to get to the center. Place a lamp.

Do the same with the other half of the flower.

Place one layer into another so that the petals overlap.

The lamp is fixed well enough but we are going to use some glue to secure the layers.

Press the halves with your fingers for two secs to let the glue cool down.

Miss two or three lamps in between the flowers for a flimsy look. You don’t want your garland to look heavy.

Now we are going to decorate the light string with ribbons.

Our garland is ready!

You might also use egg box scrap flowers to revamp an old photo frame.

Arrange the egg carton roses before securing to the frame.

Dab some glue. And slightly press the flower for a few seconds.

These egg carton flowers craft will make perfect decoration for gift packing. You might also use them to accessorize napkin rings or place cards to give your festive dinner table setting rustic finishing.

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Suggested materials:
  • Egg carton
  • A hot glue gun
  • A soft paintbrush
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