DIY Glitter Candles

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I do not think there is anything more trendy than glitter right now…especially gold glitter! Pinterest is literally brimming with DIY glitter projects galore! From DIY Glitter Tights by Moustachic to DIY Glitter Toiletries via Jux Shop! With that said, I decided to bust out the old grade school favorite for a thrifty trendsetting candle trio that brings a little magical ambiance to my home. These beauties are so simple and inexpensive to make, that you may find yourself making a trillion sets and gifting them to just about everybody! And why not? You may spread smiles as you add a little sparkle!

Photo Cred: Jessica Helton
  • three candles (mine are from the 99c Store)
  • simple white glue
  • painters tape
  • a foam brush (or any will do)
  • glitter (your choice on color)
  • a container or paper to catch the glitter mess!
  • clear spray varnish
Start off by choosing a design.  I decided to keep it easy with a block design, but you could make stripes, arrows, whatever your heart desires!
Ok, here is the tricky part that may require some skill….NOT!  Paint on the glue and sprinkle away!
It is best to peel off the tape before the glue sets, so that you wind up with an easy clean line. 
I unfortunately waited and had to exercise a bit of patience in the tape removal…so that I did not remove any of the glitter below the line.
The next step is just my way of staving off the problem of glitter residue winding up all over my home!
Spray the glittered section with clear varnish to prevent stray glitter particles escaping from the candle and covering you table when you use them.
I really love how they turned out!  So pretty…and peaceful!  Two very important “P’s” in my life! Happy crafting!

Suggested materials:

  • 3 candles   (99cent store)
  • Simple white glue   (99cent store)
  • Painters tape   (99cent store)
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  • Phoenix Phoenix on Nov 28, 2020

    Did the "Spray Varnish" dry without being sticky? I have yet to have mine DRY and it's been 47 days


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