Tie Together a Hanging Planter to Keep Your Plants Safe From Pets

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10 Minutes

Got a pet who keeps getting into your house plants? Then this project is for you. My cat kept getting into my house plants so I decided to throw together a coastal hanging planter to get my plants off the ground and out of her reach. This project is great if you’re going for that beachy vibe, but it can also stand alone as a stylish hanging planter. Check out my step-by-step tutorial to get started!

Tools and Materials

Tools and Materials:

  • Driftwood
  • Plants
  • Scissors
  • Paracord
  • A base (I used a round piece of wood)
  • Fishing net (my piece was 3’x6’)
Wrap the Driftwood
Attach the Fishing Net to the Driftwood

Find the center point of the fishing net and and wrap one end over the driftwood. If this part isn’t totally exact don’t worry, try to get it as centered as possible but if it’s off by an inch or two it’s not a problem.

Fold the Paracord in Half

Fold the paracord in half, making a loop at the center.


Then thread it through the fishing net and around the driftwood. Make sure to get all three layers of the fishing net. 

Pull Through

Next pull the paracord through the loop you made. Pull it completely taut.

Pull Tight


Then put one side of the cord to either side.

Loop a Single Paracord

Take one line, loop it again, and thread it through the fishing net, this time it’s only two layers. 

Pull Through Again

Take the remaining length of paracord and pull it through. I repeated this one more time on this side.

Pull Tight


Then I repeated the process on the other side of the driftwood. Once I got to the end of the driftwood I pulled the paracord nice and tight and let it hang off to the side.

Bring Paracord Together

Next take both pieces of paracord and bring them to a point.

Create a knot

Put both together, loop over, through, and then pull tight to create a knot. You can also tie a normal knot, however this knot looks a little nicer and is more secure. 

Pull Taut

Lay Out the Net
Tie the Fishing Net

About 2 ½ to 3 feet down I gathered the fishing net, twisted it, and made a knot.

Make a Loop

Make a loop, put your hand through it, and then pull the rest of the fishing net back through the hole. This creates an adjustable knot. If you want you can add another knot to hold another plant. 

Pull the Net Through
Fishing Net Knot

Insert the Board
Insert the Board

I inserted the board right above the knot I had made in the fishing net. 

Wrap the Fishing Net

I wrapped the fishing net around the board and tied the edges together with some paracord.

Tie the Net in Place
All Secure

Add Plants
Add Plants

Add some plants and you’re ready to hang!

DIY Hanging Planter

The wooden base will weigh the planter down and prevent it from swinging too much in the wind.

What plants would you hang in this coastal hanging planter? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Joanie Joanie on May 31, 2020

    You knew they sell hangin' plant holders?

    • Theartge Theartge on Jun 01, 2020

      A lot of places do! Since Covid happened I wasn't able to actually find any hanging planters around my area, pretty much all of them where sold, and stores haven't been restocking them. I also REALLY wanted to go to the beach, and couldn't at the time I made this video, so I made the next best thing to solve a problem, and also have my own mini beach day!

    • Mary Waters Mary Waters on Jun 17, 2020

      I think it turned out beautifully. All the hangers in stores cost around 21 dollars. My round cheese cutter and dollar store nautical net were less than 5.

    • Try your best. Try your best. on Jun 25, 2020

      I think handmade is much better! Everytime you see this cool hanging planter. You'll think I made that..ppl buy to much our days..

      Pleased you enjoyed your beach day..Nice drift wood. Cool hanger you made, An you saved money so winwin all the way. Stay safe an well :)

    • Theartge Theartge on Jul 09, 2020

      Exactly! I saved a tun of money on this craft plus it was a lot of fun.

    • EmmaSurf EmmaSurf on Sep 07, 2020

      Haven't seen anything this original and functional in the stores Joanie

    • Really cute, Joanie!

    • Try your best. Try your best. on Jun 03, 2021

      Saving money, An fun is what hometalk'is for Theartge :)

      I hate buying what I can make. Makes me smile. Ppl buy far to much in this scop away culture today. :( Still a cool project thanks for sharing 👍

    • Try your best. Try your best. on Jul 06, 2021

      Plus you seen how much they cost. 👍

      So. Winner winner, chicken dinner.


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