DIY Paper Boat Garland

4 Materials
60 Minutes
The paper boat garland will bring the summer feeling to your room. Besides it’s a great fun to make it, especially if you’re a paper craft lover.
Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!
It consists of traditional easy to make paper ships. Take thick color paper and fold it in half.
Find the center. Fold it in half again creasing the top.
Unfold. Turn the top corner down and to the center. Keep in mind the middle of the top.
Repeat for the opposite top corner.
Fold the bottom upwards. Fold the corners down.
Turn it over and repeat.
Open it and fold the middle of the sides to shape a square.
Fold the bottom corner upwards. Don’t reach the top.
Turn it over and repeat.
Open again to fold the middle of the sides.
Fold the bottom up. Repeat for the back.
Open the side flaps to shape a boat.
We’ve prepared a number of ships of blue, white, and different shades of yellow paper. We’ll fasten them with the twine.
We can hardly thread it.
Use the lifehack we’ve tested. Apply some hot glue to the frayed end. Press down with your finger.
Try to thread it now. Perfect! Pass it through the boat.
Fasten with a knot. Tie a knot on top to fasten the upper ship.
Continue adding the details.
Wow! Cool! The light paper garland will sway slowly as you pass by like the sailing ships drifting in the gentle breeze. 

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Suggested materials:

  • Twine
  • Color paper
  • Scissors
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