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Recently I purchased my first ever air plant, also know as Tillandsias. Now I need to come up with a planter for my new plant. Since I am into the farmhouse/rustic style, and love to repurpose glass jars I decided to turn a mason jar into a rustic planter for my new Air Plant.
To make a rustic planter out of a mason jar, or any glass jar you will need to decide on the size of jar you would like to use. For this project I chose a small jar that I had in my stash of thrifty finds.

Clean the jar with hot soapy water, then dry.
Next you will want to chose the type of paint, and color for your air plant planter. I love chalk paint because it adhere's to glass, two coats will usually cover very well.

Once the paint was thoroughly dry I used coarse sandpaper to rough up the paint, giving the jar the distressed look that I so love.

Since I am going for a rustic look, I decided to use a technique that I recently learn for aging the jars rim by rusting it quickly. Instead of waiting weeks for it to rust naturally.

If you are interested in this technique you can find this post here, How to make rusty cans.

After you get the rim rusted to your liking put it make onto the painted jar. Tie a piece of scrap fabric around the neck of the jar.
Add some small pebbles to the inside of your jar, but not filling it complete to the rim. We want to have room to spread out the roots of the air plant before adding more pebbles. This will help to hold the air plant in place.
Now add more pebbles over the spread roots. This will help to hold the air plant in place until the roots grow down more into the pebbles taking a firmer hold.
Now it's time to decide where to put my new rustic air plant planter where it can get some sunlight, but not to much.

I could put it upon this thrift store shelf makeover that will get a lot of the evening sun, or even sit it in on the window sill. Which I am afraid would get way to much sun there, and burn my little plant.

So I decided it's new home will be on this cutting board that the son in-law made for us, and it's too pretty to cut on. Right next to my ivy plant where it will get indirect sun from two different windows, but not bright sun like it would on the shelf or in the window sill.

Which do you think would be the best place for my air plant.?

If you like repurposing jar, cans, and bottle you may like this post as well. Where I tried my hand at making my own homemade chalk paint with acrylic paint, and one ingredient found in most households.
Thanks for stopping by! XOXO

Thanks for stopping by! XOXO


Suggested materials:

  • Air plant   (flea market)
  • Glass jar   (thrift store)

Linda @ Mixed Kreations
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