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Pick up a $4 pack of tile from Home Depot and make these beautiful gold leaf tiles!

Fill in the holes with a color of your choice
Start off by dusting off the tile to remove any residue. It's okay that there are huge holes - we're going to make them look nice!

Take a color of your choice and add it to the larger holes on the tile. After you’ve done that, take a paper towel, dab the excess and add the residual paint into the smaller holes. Be sure to add it and wipe it off so it doesn’t leave too much wet paint.
Next, take the color you want to be the star of the show. I decided to use this sea green color.. doesn’t it go well with the purple?!

With a sponge brush, drag it over the tile but don’t press hard since we don’t want to fill in the holes.

Wipe off the excess paint with a paper towel and once you’ve done that you’ll see the rest of the holes that need to be filled in… take a small paint brush and add more colors to the tile. I opted for these bright spring colors.. you can always customize this with whatever color you want! have fun with it, this is your project!

after you’ve added the colors, be sure to dab to remove any excess paint.
After the top has dried, paint the sides.
This next step is completely optional but I wanted a little more oomph to this coaster. I took some painter’s tape and blocked off where I wanted a gold leaf design.

Add some leafing adhesive

And add some gold leaf
Next, add some gold leaf and remove the excess with a dry foam brush
This is what happens when you’re too impatient like me and you don’t let the paint fully dry.. but luckily it’s an easy fix. Just grab some more paint and paint over the holes.
Once it’s fully dry, flip it over and add some felt pads to the bottom with some hot glue.

Flip it back over and add a generous layer or two of modpodge. You can also opt to use clear acrylic spray as an alternative. Having these tiles for several months, I would recommend the acrylic spray. the modpodge is a bit sticky.
There you have it! Your own custom Tiles!

I made this on the Hometalk Live and I added some cool new designs I know you'll like. Head over to my facebook or Instagram to check out the designs!

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Check out my YouTube video if you would like to see me create these tiles. :)

Suggested materials:

  • Chiaro Tumbled Tiles   (Home Depot)
  • Acrylic Paint   (Michaels)
  • Gold Leaf and Adhesive   (Michaels)
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