DIY - Transforming A $1 Pic Frame

35 Minutes
Have you tried crafting with foil tape yet?? I just started and let me tell you... I can't get enough of it!! I buy my foil tape at the local dollar store and each roll lasts for at least one finished project.
*** THIS IS AN UPDATE !! ***

Many of you couldn't find foil tape at your dollar store specially in the US but in Canada I found it at my local dollar store (dollar tree).
And at the Home Depot under the name " Reflectix - Foil Tape" in the duct and fencing section for contractors.

I hope you could at least find it at the US Home Depot Stores.

Good luck!!
...and thit is the frame I bought from the dollar store, although you can also find them at Michaels Crafts for a bit more.
To start, simply cut pieces of foil tape the length of your frame and peel and stick your tape onto the edges of the frame towards the front to cover completely.
Have fun with this and allow for crevices and wrinkles to form as it will create interesting patterns that will latter show as texture.
This is how mine ended up looking like...
Your next step involves applying colour, I used this dark brown marker, also from the dollar store, that is used for retouching hardwood floors.

This marker dries up extremely quickly but if you act fast enough it gives you a very neat effect when you paint on the foil tape, I suggest you find one like it before you go for something else.
Start painting your foiled frame in sections...
..... and quickly smudge the paint around the area with a piece of the backing paper you peeled off earlier from your foil tape, see?

This paper is GLOSSY and it will allow you to glide over your textured frame and your paint wont be absorbed so you'll have a few seconds to work before it dries. You can also use wax-paper or any other type of glossy paper.
As you can see, the paint was semi-opaque and got darker when trapped on those crevices I was telling you about earlier...
After it dried, I sanded some areas softly until I got the look I was after. There's no right or wrong with this, you can sand longer for a more shiny look or paint over it again of you prefer it more dramatic.
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  • Sheila D Sheila D on Apr 07, 2015
    Victoria, please clarify for some of the girls; you do not peel the tape off after painting correct?

    • Victoria Victoria on Apr 07, 2015
      hello, sorry for the delay (death in the family) :0( I left replies above, pls check there and good luck!!

  • Elaine Simmons Elaine Simmons on Apr 08, 2015
    I get it now........the picture that shows you using the paper to "clean" the foil looks like you peeled the tape up.