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Welcome to the first part of my Laundry Room Makeover series! Between the twincesses and the hubster, there is always laundry to be done! We have a small laundry room right off the entry way. It’s a small space with two doors one to the entry way and one to the garage. So we are always in and out of this room whether to do laundry or just to get to the garage. Its also the place where I store all our bulk items like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning products etc. So in short I was tired of seeing this space a mess and decided to pretty it up a bit. First step liven up the boring washer and dryer.
I mean they aren’t the cool colorful front loading ones, they are just the basic ones that came with our house. So I wanted to jazz them up a bit. My first thought was to stencil them but paint seemed so permanent. I wanted something that I could change if I didn’t like it. And good thing too because I didn’t like the first thing I tried. Which was electrical tape. Just plain black electrical tape, i thought of chevron, diamond shapes but in the end I decided some black and white stripes would look so retro and cool.

So I used a piece of the tape as a spacer and my leveler to keep my lines perfect and got to taping.
(please ignore me in the picture, the hubster took the pic for me and although I specifically said make sure you don’t get me in all my pajamas and glasses glory…there I am lol)

Anyway so it came out pretty cool.
But I stopped at this point cause it just wasn’t fitting with the rest of the room. And so sat my laundry room for a few weeks. I knew I wanted something more colorful but the other colors of electrical tape weren’t what I had in mind. Then when going to get blue painters tape for another project I saw this!

Frog Tape in green! The exact shade of green I was looking for and so….project back on!! I got lazy and forgot the leveler this time, I just used two pieces of the tape on either side for spacing. And there she is! Isn’t she lovely. Bright and cheery yet not too much.

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  • Irene Irene on Mar 19, 2017
    I will have to order the tape on line. How much tape did it take to do your washer? I want to make sure to order enough. Never used either Frog tape or Washy tape. The Frog tape looks like it's the thin paper-y tan one that's been around forever to mask off areas you don't want to get paint on. If that's what Frog tape is, will this tape hold up with people brushing against it? How would it compare to the Washy tape? I really want to do this (and in green also), so please help if you can. Thanks.


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