Doing It Over

Anytime we have a party everyone in our family knows to come to me for decorations. I love to hoard and reuse things. For this party I have a baby shower coming up and an abundance of these fish bowls. One thing about these bowls is before I had this wonderful product of Unicorn spit I would have painted them and they would have been done,unless I wanted to use the same color scheme over again. Now here"s the thing about Unicorn spit, it's not JUST a paint, it's a gel, a stain and a paint. Don't like something,that's ok, wash it off start over. Now for this party I had a vision in my head of what I needed the bowls to look like. Uhhhh not so much how it turned out. Ever do that? Yeah that was me. Now since I had the epic fail and had not sealed the bowl I took it to the sink, ran water and it just slid right on off! I know Amayyyyzing annnnd my fish wasn't ruined.
Fist step, clean the glass bowl. Wipe with rubbing alcohol so there's no residue and let it dry for a few mins.
2 Modge podge- I took a very thin sponge brush and very lightly brushed all over the bowl. Let it dry for a few mins
3 I took a little bit of lemon kiss yellow and dabbed it in a paper towel and then dabbed all around the bottom. Dried pretty quickly. My second color was phonix Fire. Same tho g with putting a drop in the paper towel and then dabbed starting a little on the yellow and moved up about halfway letting it dry. My final color was pixie punk pink again dabbing a little over the phonix Fire and taking it on up to the edge and letting it dry. I k ow have a frosty looking tri color bowl that's now ready for me to drop in the little lights for the tables. Now ordinarily I would seal these with a poly coat but for this party I want to be able to use them again for another project so I'll leave as is. When I'm done off to the sink, wash them and I have clear bowls for another day! You can't do that with acrylics for sure
Party on party off
The best thing about Unicorn spit is oh gosh!! All the colors, the versatility, the jasmin smell and hey you can allllways start over.
My bowls are now ready for the next color them for the next party and I don't have t buy more.
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